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when i activate the remote start it flashes blue 5 times.

i just bought a mitsubishi lancer and it has the fortin ftx84 remote start put into it, when i activate the command start it flashes blue 5 times, i have read that this is the hood latch. how can i fix or figure out what the issue is with the hood latch?


2015 outlander euro

Hello. I also tried the master reset as you told me. I tried another device, which I tried on Ford before (001A07391859), but "take over" is not possible... it says on the monitor that the immobilizer system needs service.


2015 outlander take over

Hello. I installed Evo-Al for 2015 Outlander (PTS) Standalone. After remote start-up, we go in the car, I click 2 times on the Start-Stop button and he writes that he does not see the immobilizer (like this), and the engine turns off when pressing the brake.


Outlander 2022 with Fortin EVO One - remote start does not always work when using RFK942


When pressing the remote start button on the RFK942 key fob, the remote start does not always activate. When this does not happen, the car behaves differently: the marker lights come on along with the low beam headlights for a couple of seconds, then everything goes off. However, when the remote start command is successful, the low beams do not activate, the turn signals come on for half a second, followed by the marker lights. Additionally, there seems to be a door lock click, then the engine starts, which can be seen in the video. https://youtube.com/shorts/B6o0cWfPQQo

Remote start with the factory key, activated by three presses on the lock button, does not cause any issues with the remote start.

The flash-link 4 has version 5 firmware, vr. 4.08. An additional impact sensor and siren are installed.

There is also an issue where if the car is armed or started with remote start, if the trunk door is opened with a sweeping motion from below (via the sensor), the siren starts making noise. If opened with the button on the door, everything is okay.

Thank you for your help!


intermittent crank no start 3 parking light flashes Mitsubishi Eclipse 2012 with oem alarm

This is driving me crazy... It works and then it does not... Need some help please.

Everything is connected per instructions (Guide # 24871), except; I had to disconnect the (A8 dk. blue) to Driver Door pin, as it left the Door ajar on constantly. 

The Yellow loop has been cut on the fortin unit.

Fortin unit SN: 002B04 251304

Crank no start and 3 parking light flashes. 

When Press lock from OEM keyfob nothing flashes in the fortin unit.

 Setup in Flash link:


Firmware 86.05

Hardware inside 4.0

A1 on

A2 off

A3 on

A4 on

A5 on

A6 on

A7 on

A8 off

A9 on

A10 off

A11 on

B1 on

C1 on

D2 on

D3 off

D4 off

D5 on

D6 off

E4 off

E5 off


Remote start

Firmware 1.26

Hardware inside 7.0

2 off

3 1
































Evo-One for Mitsubishi Triton (pickup truck)

Hi, I want to buy Evo-One for my Mitsubishi Triton (pickup truck, diesel engine, automatic transmission) manufactured in Thailand, 2020. I used the card in Vietnam. I just want to know if I can use Evo-One Fortin product for my car, is it compatible. If yes, do i need to buy the Thar-One-Mit 2 (T-Harness for Mitsubishi vehicles) to work for connection or installation process with Evo-One. Thanks in advance,


Evo one not programing, and can't to connect auto mitsubishi pajero sport 2013 Year diesel

Hello. I will be need your help. I have a car Mitsubishi pajero sport 2013 year with diesel engine. And need used to remote star Evo One. But any conect diagram not working with program bypass system, and i tride any version firmware 74 86 and last 0.99(now light all colour led) for programing module. I seen what use evo all for working with this car, i think what Evo One will be working too. And i used 7 from 8 programing module. With 74 and 86 software i have a problem programing when turn ignution is onn but blue light is power off and all, i cheked connect to can wire connect several times. Please say me information to help, my sn 002b04 265103


2014 Mitsubishi Outlander Evo-all with evo-start lte and rf642 kit

Hello there guys, i have a 2014 mitsubishi outlander with evo-all and rf442 kit. All works fine and well. And then i added an evo-start lte module. I was able to program it with the rf442 kit. RF kit works fine as before. Then the app for the evo-start works fine as well except for the remote stop/engine off function. Lock, unlock, and remote start/engine on function works. But when i try to do and remote stop/engine off. It doesnt work. Is this a bug on the app? Or is there a programming issue? Again. Lock, unlock, and remote start/engine on works. Its just the remote stop/engine off function that is not working. any help will be appreciated. Thanks in advance. Btw im using it on ios device.


wegfahrsperre evo one

Everything works fine There's one problem. When I want to drive the car press the push button ×2 but start the engine shuts off A message appears wegfahrsperre


The car does not start remotely

When I press the car lock button 3 times The car does not start remotely


I press the lock button three times but the car does not start remotely

Hello. Evo one is connected By HARNESS FOR MITSUBISHI VEHICULES. Evo One has been updated. Everything was done right. But the car does not start remotely When press the lock button 3 times!!


The car does not start

I connected the wires yesterday But I did not connect the device because it needs to be updated and the Fortin FLASHLINK4 has not arrived yet. I tried to start the car today but it won't start. ?for the car to start Should the EVO-ONE be connected after connecting the wires


evo-one all three LED lights keep on blinking

evo-one all three LED lights keep on blinking While programming the device