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Alarm Wiring Backwards?

This vehicle is an Isuzu NPR Eco Max box truck cab. I am finding that the door trigger wire is at 12VDC when closed! Then as the door opens, the wire drops to 0VDC. What do I do with this when wiring the alarm? What input do I use? The parking lights are doing the same thing. 12VDC when off and drops to 0VDC when you turn them on?!? Im confused and not sure what polarity to set the alarm to operate the parking lights? Any help would be much appreciated!!


2014 Isuzu NPR Eco Max truck. Need alarm wire colors for this truck cab.

I am Installaing an alarm system with remote start into this vehicle. It has a diesel engine and I am in need of the wire diagram for this unit. The system being installed is a "Viper 5906V" and I can't seem to find any information anywhere on this vehicles wiring. Please Help!!!

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