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Fortin Evo Start - No fuel reading - 2012 Sonata

Installed Fortin EVO ALL + Fortin EVO Start. Everything works except for fuel gauge reading on app. 

I am able use all available app functions for remote start, door close, lock/unlock, GPS, internal temperature. On the App I am unable to get fuel level to be displayed. (see attached screenshot) 



2012 Hyundai Sonata PTS - No ignition control - EVO All

2012 Hyundai PTS Fortin EVO All with Fortin LTE Connected all wires as per installation instructions. Bought Flash link and flashed to 17.31 following the wizard. Programmed Frotin Evo module to vehicle(blue LED blinks rapidly). When pressing starting lock 3x - module sounds internal relay is clicking and parking light flash however dash ignition does not come on. Checking EVO all diagram - RED Connected D2 yellow/blue start+ wires goes into 1n4004 diodes - strip facing towards PTS button - then to yellow/black and yellow/orange. ignition does not turn on. Disconnected the diodes to measure direct and yellow/blue wire for voltage output...getting zero volts when remote start is requested. Tried to reflash Fortin 4 times and still have not been able to get voltage output from d2 yellow/blue. I am missing something or is there internal module fault?


Remote not working

I purchased 2017 hyundai elantra that has a Fortin remote starter installed, but the remote is dead.

Remote model

Model FTX64

IC: 12084A-R2W01FM

Fortin 04G

How do I purchase a new replacement remote and get it programmed? 




hyundai door lock

Good afternoon. On Hyundai cars, after turning off the engine, the doors will unlock after a couple of seconds... What can be done to ensure that they remain closed at the end?


What do the colored numbers mean on the instructions. No explanation on how Wirecolor guides work. Please explain.

Can I please get an explanation of the Wirecolor instructions?


Why don’t I get any LED lights on the evo-all during programming?

I have checked all wiring and have a good ground. There is power to the evo-all but no lights.


Washed my remote ,no start Evo e400

I programmed the module. But remote is not programming.


Disable the horn when I unlock the car in the morning after remote starting it?

Every morning when I click unlock after remote starting (I guess anytime unlocking for that matter) the horn honks, and it's driving both myself and my neighbors crazy. Is there a way to disable this on unlock? 2020 Hyundai Elantra, do I need to reprogram this thing? If so I may just cut the wire, but hoping there may be a quick fix to it.


2014 Hyundai Sante Fe Evo One Lte. factory remote

Hello, I installed Evo One Lte in my 2014 Hyundai Santa Fe Sport PTS. The Evo start works great via the Cell app but i cant get the factory remote to start the car. Also, the cell app WILL NOT operate the door lock/ unlock. The list says 3 locks will start and stop remote start, but i cant get it to work. Not sure if its my fault or If factory fobs will not work on this vehicle Any help is greatly welcome !!!! THANK YOU ALL VERY VERY MUCH


IS there a T harness for 2014 Hyundai Sante Fe Sport Push To Start?

Hello, is there a T harness for 2014 Hyundai Sante Fe Sport Push To Start? Did not see one but wanted to double check. Thank you for your time.


Why does my device show offline

My evo start was running fine for the first year, yesterday at 10am it stopped working and anytime I try to send a request it says device is offline. How to I fix this? I was in the middle of driving to work when it went offline, according to the history.


Question about diagram in 73971

Hi all, Looking at the install for a 2020 Kona, diagram 73971. On page 6, lower left corner on the steering wheel, there are a couple of "7" dots. Based on what I'm reading, the top 7 should be removed and the bottom one should be changed to 8 because it refers to the location of the horn. If not, can you clarify? Thanks, Josh


Mycar2 with rfkit 411

I recently installed mycar2 app with Fortin e400 module. The app is working fine along with the module. However is it possible to install RFkit 411 or 441 to the same system. Is it either my car2 or rf kit?


Fortin E400 compatiblilty

Looking for compatible replacement remote for fortin e400 module that initially came with Antenna Fortin "AM" Looking to replace just the antenna if need be that can work with my originally installed E400