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Could this unit be faulty?

Using program 3 on the hummer H3 2010 connection 8 The red led does not turn solid yellow after 3 second crank instead it has a flickering blue at the top yellow in the middle and red at the bottom. The 4 pin data is cut and only red and black are connected


07 Hummer Parasitic Draw? Evo One Unit

We just did a install on a 07 hummer H2. Customer called back and stated that battery keeps going dead every 2 days. (Waiting to get the car back tomorrow) But has anyone seen Evo one cause a parasitic draw? We installed the unit with a RF kit. Any insite would be helpful. Thanks.


Evo All Hummer H2 2007

So the Evo all doesn't support Immobilizer bypass on this car.

Is this somthing we need to get another form of bypass or its not needed to start the car? 

Is it best to try and upgrade customer to EVO1 with RF kit instead? 


Planing on installing a CSRS system 2way data 


Remote Start 2004 Hummer H2

What do I need to buy, so I can get remote start of a 2004 Hummer H2? Its the first time using Fortin, so we dont have Flash-Link updater or anything from Fortin. I am electrician, so wiring should be ok. There are no other sales office of Fortin in Norway.


parking brake light stays on

with evo-one parking brake light stays on... if I remove evo-one the parking brake light works fine


Where can you get the remote wire connection from the ignition that should connect to the blue wire on the Fortin device

Need to know where to the remote starter alarm wire is sutuated that should connect to the unit blue wire


Hummer Passlock Reference Incorrect

Good day, I purchased both the 2007 as well as the 2008 Hummer wiring to check over on the bypass for the passlock system. However the blue/white wire is for the key in ignition dong. I have an intermittent non start issue so i wish to bypass the Passlock system but your wiring diagram appears to be wrong. Please help


no pk, no pk+, normal key

2008 H3 Alpha, it is canadian car but this has a normal key can be cut by local hardware store. Does this mean, I can still follow connection 8 and program 3? Will it program no problem?


Thanks. Could you please confirm for what I can use your product if not for this?

Product specifications and resson


Sometimes my H3 2009 doesnt start for 10 min anda passlock light blinks. Will this product fix this?

H32009. doesnt start for 10 min with the passlock on. Will this product fix this isque?


why my hummer suddenly slow douwn when moving with the message " low engine displayed on the monitor screen?

Why my hummer suddently slow douwn when moving with the message " low engine displayed" on the monitor screeen? I most stop the car for some second and then restart it .



2005 H2, shows INT-SL+ and EVO-ALL work same but which one would you recommend? I have both available for install. If I remember correct, I used Int-sl+ on 2001 Pontiac Sunfire before, door lock and trunk release wasn't working. It only bypassed passlock. Should I do the Evo-all for H2 install? I am asking because both this H2 and 2001 sunfire are using same wiring and programming. I would like to hear if any of Fortin techs installed remote starter on 2005 H2 and proved both interface modules worked. Let me know thanks.


Hummer (Pts.)


passlock a utiliser sur un hummer h3 2006 ?

Merci pour la reponse....mais qu el est donc le passlock que je dois instaler pour q le vehicule demare Hummer H3 2006 qui n a pas de demareur a distance a ma conaissance...j ai le SL2 v.2...... merci j ai les connections correctes mais ne sais pas ou connecter le fils bleu indique :while running sur le chema n 6 de la notice d instalation....


Hummer (Pts.)


Couleur des cables a connecter a passlock-SL2 V.2 hummer h3 2006

Bonjours j ai un hummer H3 2006 suite au pb de passlock j ai commande un Fortin passlock-SL2 V2 sur internet pouvez vous s il vous plait me confirmer q c est bien le schem 6 q je dois utiiser et me donner les couleurs des trois fils q je dois utiliser Le V DATA ...le Accesory et le ignition.....j attends votre reponse pour faire les connection ....merci