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2020 Buick encore installation clarification

I have Purchased a Evo-GMT6 with THAR-GM6 harness for a 2020 Buick Encore push start and im looking for clarification. 1.On page 4(wiring diagram) of guide #77331, shows to make a connection between the light blue wire and light blue/black wire. Do these need to be spliced together? What is the reason for this? 2. Also, wondering what start/stop external control means? 3. Are the good hood pins/ valet switch required for the function of the module? Thanks, Brad


evo-gmt1 no red light no start

2011 buick regal evo-gmt1 sn001A07v253955 . Blue light flashes with door lock / unlock . oem remotes. no red light , no start. thar-gm1 rev2 harness. what is the correct wiring diagram ? at the moment brown wire to can sw pin 1. brown with white stripe to green /gray parking lights . cannot get ahold of tech


OEM remote start not working. Can I use the Evo All without the OEM Alarm/Remote Start?

2006 Buick Lucerne CX factory alarm and remote start stopped working. Can I use the Evo-All as an Alarm and Remote Start for this vehicle With or without the Factory remote?


01 Buick Lesabre ground while running wire location

Where is the wire location and color on a 2001 Buick Lesabre ground while running?


evo-one quickly change bulbs and not respond to a programmable

Hello. Why does the fortin evo-one quickly change bulbs and not respond to a programmable stick while holding? He doesn’t even want to go into programmable mode, and the just light bulb flies quickly. https://youtube.com/shorts/AjVhhvL8q4g


2017 Encore brake pedal is not recognised by the module

2017 Buick Encore PTS after door is opend and without key in the car the vehicle will not shut off. no security feature, in case someone will open the car without the key car can be driven away and won't shut off. Can i fix this? I am using GM 6 T-harness.



Normally when i press the rf kit remote it makes a sound that car recieved the order, but recently my remote is giving 2 more short beeps after the first one, though it might be low battery indicator but changed the battery and it remained the same, any ideas ?


On bypass programming options, should I choose oem remote or aftermarket?

I am using the EVO-ALL as an immobilizer bypass for a 2010 Enclave CXL (that does have factory remote start) to install an aftermarket PKE system (ikey-premier from digital guard dawg. Which programming option do I choose for the bypass? The OEM remote start option or the aftermarket rfid option? I specifically ask because I don't see their key fob listed in the rfid compatibility, but I'm using the bypass for an aftermarket system, NOT the OEM remote. Should I still choose OEM? Alternatively, is it possible that their rf key could be compatible even though it isn't listed?


OL-RF-52-SST no LED for remote programming with EVO ONE

Vehicle is a 2005 Buick Rainier with standard key. Installed the EVO ONE (remote start firmware 0.44) and the OL-RF-52-SST about a year ago (May 2020). Everything worked OK. The truck had an engine failure and was in the shop for several months with the battery disconnected. When powered back up, the Omega RF remotes no longer work. OEM remotes work. I followed the directions for remote programming as listed below. My antenna LED is not lighting up at all.

The unit was intalled with a custom T-harness for power using OEM connectors and automotive-grade wire. The 30A inline fuse is good.The harness to the antenna looks OK. I verified the unit still has FW 0.44 via my Flash-Link 4 programmer.

Here's the process I tried to program the remotes:

Flash 0.44 into the remote starter and do the following to program:

- ign on off on, led on antenna will light up solid. 


- 4x on brake pedal. It should blink once with each brake press.


- Then send lock from each remote, should blink once again to confirm it programmed.


Buick encore 2020

Je regarde pour installer un démarreur a distance qui dans mes tablettes datant de 2014, dans un Buick encore 2020, j'ai vue que dans l'installation il mentionne des dates pour la programmation E5? Cette programmation doit être seulement a ces modules dans les date, et celle en dehors de ces date ne tienne pas de compte de cette programmation? Et que je peut quand même l'installer sans me soucier de cette étape?


Few Qs about Remote while running, Unlock after disconnect, supermarket mode?

This question should apply to 2018-2020 Buick Regals or Opel Insignias. GMT-6 Module is currently installed. Car starts with Oem remote (lock unlock lock), keyless entry / push-to-start. 1. Once the car is started with the remote, the remote doesn't work to unlock/lock the car unless i turn the engine off. Anyway we can get around this? 2. If the timer on the remote runs out (let's say after 15 minutes), the car turns off, auto-unlocks the entire car, and keeps the lights on. Anyway we can stop it from unlocking? 3. My old/previous car used to have a crimestopper ( i think), remote start, and it had this feature where if i stop somewhere to get something quick, I can pull the handbrake, and that would trigger the remote start system to take over, while i remove the key and lock the running car. Is this feature possible here? currently i turn off the car. Exit, Lock, remote start, then walk away.


EVOALL not registering car starting on program of module

I have a 2020 Buick Encore GX model. No matter how I configure the module, it will not move from Yellow LED to Red once the car starts (step 6 of guide 77311. Crutchfield sold me this module with the T harness assuring me it will work for a Encore GX model. I only see it is registered to work on a standard Encore model. Could this be the issue? Inompatibility with the GX model?



hello having a problem with the device as the when EVO ALL is connected , the car doesn't go to sleep mode and remains draining battery with current drainage of (0.2 amps) , normally without the device it's (0.02 amps) when it's disconnected, it goes to sleep mode and current drain stops i tried all possible settings ON and OFF, nothing changed i tried to disconnect cable by cable each time untill i identified Cable (C) which is containing the brown wire C5 only when i dosconnect this cable , Car goes to sleep mode and current drainage stops the problem i cannot keep it disconnected as the module is not functioning properly without C5 being connected to it's place can you give me any tip or solution for this   Car is Buick Regal Service number is 001A06839987 Radio is having android interface attached with the car main screen that is normally shutting down with car CAN BUS, but when EVO is attached it never shut down and this is the main source of power drainage


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