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2011 Sienna crank, no start when COLD

Hi support team, My 2011 Sienna G-key start all OK in summer, but it doesn't work when WINTER is coming. S/N 002B04 241048 connected by THAR-ONE-TOY9 (just plug and play). I did connect 2 wires for sliding doors by soldering and crimper (no T-taps). Already upgrade to latest firmware. Tried TACHNESS ONLY but no hope, still CRANK but NO START. I'm connect with RFK442 remote. It happened to me last year, same issue. Work fine in the summer but when it's cold out there, the vehicle just CRANK NO START. When I get into the vehicle and remote start it, leave the key next to the key cylinder, it start right up every single time. Moreover, I've re-checked the wiring connection. There are "CUT" at the SILL data (D4&D6) and the AUTOLIGHT (D1&D3). Do I need to do anything about these "CUTs" when I'm using THARTOY9? Thank in advance for your support.


2012 Sienna EVO One Thar toy9 crank no start and no headlights

2012 Toyota Sienna G-Key with EVO-ONE & THAR-ONE-TOY9 & THAR-ONE-TOY1 & RF642W. EVO-ONE & THAR-ONE-TOY9 & THAR-ONE-TOY1 & Rf642w The car cranks but does not start when remote started. It does start manually with the evo one isntalled. The RF kit was put in mode 1. After having pluged installed the EVO-ONE with the harnesses, the headlights dont work, turn signals are fine. When programming the rf kit only the instrument cluster lights blink, not the healights and no horn. service # 002B04044516


Wiring error in THAR-ONE-TOY9 with SIENNA 3rd gen.

A wiring error has been found in the low-current part of T-harness THAR-ONE-TOY9 (THAR-TY30 Rev. 1 LOT: 51096) when installing on Toyota Sienna LE 2019. The remote starter in/out wires for the AUTOLIGHT from EVO-ONE, pins A17 (Green/White) and A18 (Green/Red) are connected to a wrong pin of the Body ECU white 30-pin plug: they are connected to pin #6 instead of pin #28. This results in tripping a signal from the right rear (sliding) door trigger instead of the AUTOLIGHT signal. The problem applies to the installation of this T-harness on all 3rd gen. Siennas. The correct info on the Body ECU white 30 pin plug wiring can be found here: https://www.the12volt.com/installbay/printer_friendly_posts.asp?fid=3&tid=122207 To the contrast, the wiring diagram on the installation guide without this low-current T-harness is correct (Guide #72751), the AUTOLIGHT signal being taken from a different connector (on the steering column).

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