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which connection diagram and program do i use for a 2006 saab 97x?

I used connection 3 and program 3 to connect the evo all to my 2006 saab 97x and i got the locks to work but when i try and start the car with the remote start i get the "security light" and it doesnt allow the vehicle to start. i dont know if i dont have it connected correctly or what but it seems as if the bypass is not working when the remost start tries to start the car. any help is greatly appreciated!


Evo all not starting

I'm not using the idata link so I cut the wires and the red is going to 12v and the black ground. I put the black plug in and it won't cycle through the lights. Please any help appreciated


Evo-All won`t program

2006 Saab 9-7x not using the data link to the remote starter, just analog. I connect everything up and try to program the unit to the per the instructions (hold button, connect data link connector, let go when blue LED on, turn key to run...). When I turn the key to run, the blue LED does not turn off or anything. Waited for more than 15 minutes and nothing would happen. PPL/YEL wire to OBD wire is connected correctly. Tried repeatedly and still the blue LED stays on. Just one note on this vehicle. You have the same programming for this vehicle as for TrailBlazers an Envoys. This vehicle is different than all the other trucks in this series in that it uses PassKey 3 and NOT Passlock like the others in case that makes a difference.

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