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Antenna cable RFK942

Is the antenna cable the same for all rf kits? I want to avoid ripping out my panels and just replace the antenna on the windshield using the same cable. The one I have currently there is for the RF751W or FTX-75. The cable for the RFK942 looks the same four pins connector on the web. Just want to be sure before jumping in! Thank-you!


2014 rav4 hkey with toy-3 harness, programming seems to have worked but does not remote start

I've connected all the required wires using the toy-3 harness (I don't have TPMS so did not connect those two and I didn't connect the hood pin contact). I updated the unit using the flash link updater to the settings in the guide. I programmed the evo-one and got all the lights as per the guide, after the blue led was flashing rapidly i turned off the ignition and the evo-all stopped flashing. When i press the lock button the blue light flashes each time but the rav4 does not remote start.


3x lock to remote start activation on 2015 Honda Civic push to start

I need to program the 3x lock to remote start a 2015 honda civic push start, I just flashed my EVO ONE unit to 73.27 version and now I want to enable the 3x lock option FUNCTION 38 MODE 2 and (+)accesory 2 (E1) FUNCTION 2 MODE 2 but I don't see them on option on the list, I need help to be able to activate those two options please

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