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Why does starter grind when remote started?

My starter grinds when remote started. Installed evo one with omega rf kit with t harness in a 2014 Toyota Tundra . S/N 002B04 238031.


After truck remote starts. Then when the key is in the on position and the brake is pressed the starter engages.

Evo-one is programmed with the latest firmware recommend for a 2015 Toyota Tundra. Triple checked all the wiring. Tryed sevral different remote start and bypass firmware programs. Unit was in my Durango and reprogrammed for my Tundra.


Starter engages again when brake pedal is pushed

Installed on a 2013 CRV with the t harness. Remote start functions, however once entering vehicle, inserting key and rotating to position 2/ Run, when I hit the brake pedal and the remote start shuts down, it briefly powers the starter and I can hear the starter contact the flywheel briefly before it shuts off and disengages. I have the start attempts set to 1 and it made no change. What other setting could cause this or is the unit defective?

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