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After finish the DECRYPTOR and back to the car and press lock 3 times, evo flash blue only when lock is pressed

After finish the decrytor step on the guide and put the device back to the car. after press 3 times lock only blue flash and does not nothing. I tried to reflash and follow step 1 to 13 and same issue. I have a chevy Equinox 2013 LT model


Can I use the blank spot on my key to remote start instead of the 3x Lock?

I am working on installing the EVO-GM1 into a 2014 Equinox. They facotry Key has 4 buttons, 3 of them are being used and one is a "blank" spot. The button is there but there is no function for it. Can this button be used for the remote start on the EVO-All? If so, how? Thanks!


Starts but DIC says service theft deterrent system

So I was able to get everything wired up and the car starts with the three unlock presses but still shows service anti theft system on the DIC. Any thoughts as to where I might look to solve this. I set the unlock before start to on so I dont get the alarm.


Equinox Service Anti-Theft System

I have 2008 Chevy Equinox that I just installed an Evo-All in. I am running it as a stand alone. The install didnt go very smoothly due to the wire colors and pins not matching up. I finally managed to get the thing programed and ran the decryptor setup. It attemped to start but on the information center it displayed service Anti-Theft System then shut down. It automatically tried to start again with the same problem. I read a different thread about a silverado having the same problem and rechecked my wiring. I cut the red with a white stripe and have the evo between them. I checked this with a multimeter and it is an always on 12v source. The wires I have on the immobilizer connector are: Green pin 1 connected to the can sw Empty pin 2 Black with a white stripe pin 3 Brown pin 4 red with a white stripe pin 5 connected to evo I will note that my ignition wire on the key harness was orange not pink on pin 1 and that im using white with a black stripe as my vdata. Any help would be appretiated.


what would cause the yellow lamp on evo all not to flash on initialization

2011 chevrolet equinox. Had to replace battery in vehicle after being dead for a few days. while trying to reprogram the unit (evo all) using i cant get the yellow lamp to flash. when i plug the 4 pin connector in it alternates between blue and red only. If i cycle the key a few times the yellow will light up so i know it is operational but wont light when 4 pin is connected. All worked well until battery died. Any ideas if the module needs replacing.


EVOGMT1 worked...then stopped

I have a customer with a 2012 Equinox. He installed the EVOGMT1, everything worked fine for 1 day. Next day there was no function, no power. Checked all fuses and connections. We flashed a new module and replaced the EVO. Same problem - no power . It does not even power up to program. Suggestions?


how do i know if equinox has data link protocol

need to know if 2014 equinox has datalink


Not programming with 2011 equinox

I tried programming the key numerous times. After the second time of turning the key off, the blue led stays on. I can start my car using the key, but the remote start feature does not work. What is wrong?

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