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Toyota G M (13980Pts.)


2022 fortuner

Hello. Which instructions are suitable for Fortuner 2022? PTS.


Car is unlocking while remote started and Auto light issue

Hi, I installed fortin Evo-all with Crimestopper rs4-g5 and everything working fine expect for one issue. I find that car is getting unlocked when it is remoted started and I think becuase of this auto-lights off also not working they are staying on for whole run. How can I keep the vechicle locked while remote started and unlock it with remote start key. I taught this is default thing for remote startes or do I need to enable option 8 is rs4-g5?


Toyota Lee R (290Pts.)


2012 Toyota 4Runner LTD PTS wire color & location

I am having a hard time identifying the correct plug/connector with wires to tap into, for an EVO-All installation. I suspect the information provided in WireColor is for other T4R models ( without Push to start[PTS]) because all pictures are from the passenger side , under glove compartment while the guides (29991 & 16221/12971)  are  pointing to driver's side ( kick panel/steering wheel/ECU  body). The wire colors don't seem to match actual wires... or it could be I can't ID the correct plug. 

It looks like I can't add pictures so I am including a link to a thread with actual  pics of this  car with plugs labeled....I am  hoping someone can help identify the correct plug for IGNITION 1 & 2, STARTER 1 & 2, ACCESSORIES 1& 2 , A10, A20,A14.

actual vehicle pictures

Note: I can provide better pics if needed.

Thanks in advance!


EVO-One or EVO-All for 2017 Highlander? (Non-Hybrid PTS)

Hey guys, just picked up a 2017 Highlander a few days ago and Toyota said there was no remote starter available for the car from Toyota. I was wondering if it's better for me to go with the EVO-All or the EVO-One? I want to be able to use the 3x lock button. The chart on the information page doesn't really make sense to me so yeah. Thanks !


2012 Camry PTS - Programs and reacts to remote, but won't start (EVO-ONE)

Fortin EVO-ONE, being used for OEM 3x lock functionality. Service No: 002B05 027724 Flashlink settings look okay from what I understand. So my current situation is this: Unit installed fine, programming went fine, but now won't start after 3x lock. When I press the lock or unlock on my OEM key, the Evo-one will blue-flash accordingly as I'm assuming it's intended, but after 3x lock, nothing happens at all. Also I seem to get a slow red flashing light from the unit (doesn't seem to come from the 3 leds on the front, seems closer to the yellow loop). The yellow (automatic) loop IS cut, and again it does respond to the lock/unlock on the OEM remote, it just won't start with 3x lock.


What are the proper EVO settings for a 2012 Camry PTS Hybrid?

Flashing and EVOALL as a standalone for a 2012 Camry PTS Hybrid. C1, D1, D1.6 D4, D6.... How about D5? Anything else?


2010 Camry PTS I can't get a solid blue while holding the programming button.

I wired all the connections as described in the instructions except the Parking Light Out. I couldn't find the parking light wire harness. I complete step 1, holding the programming button while plugging in the 4 pin data-link connector. I never get to step 2 though. The blue light never becomes solid. The light pattern I see is blue, red, yellow, blue & red, and back to blue, red, yellow, blue & red. Using flashlink, I tried the latest software version.

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