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2012 tundra g key evo one rfk942 stopped working

2012 tundra. Been in service for a year with evo one and rfk942 kit. Suddenly stopped remote starting. no parking light flashes. locks and unlocks. blue led flashes on evoall. when remote starting, red led comes on, then yellow. instrument cluster illuminates. half second later red turns off. one second later yellow turns off. No parking light flashes. no reattempts. new brake switch was installed just as a precautionary. hood switch was bypassed as a precautionary. verified firmware and options are still in module. any ideas?


EVO One 2018 manufacture date 2012 4Runner G-Key

Just looked at the latest install guide for 4runner. Says unit compatible module 2019 and above with firmware 79.59. I have 2018 module but can't get firmware 79.59. Do I need 2019 module to receive firmware or use on 2012 4runner?


Installed Evo-One on 2012 Camry G-key with THAR-ONE-TOY4 look-unlook works, cranks but dont start

Car cranks but wont start, if I started with the key then remote started it takes over need help


Will factory remote, remote start a 2012 toyota venza with G key

Im looking to buy a remote starter with tharness, what will i need to conplete instalation?


Installed Evo-one 2012 toyota rav4 remote works but disables 4x4 and traction control

Programmed and installed Evo-one on 2012 Tiyta Rav4 G key. The remote starts and runs fine with hitting lock on oem fob 3x. The problem is while the remote is hooked up it disables my 4x4, traction control , and cruise. I installed all updates prior to programming the module. Inserting the key in the ignition and proceeding to normal driving still has those features disabled. I unhook the remote and all is normal.


2012 Tundra will not start, just continuously cranks over

So I purchased a pre flashed EVO One with Toyota 2 harness and RFTX64-2W remotes, for my 2012 Tundra. I hooked up all the listed wires in the install, which I verified multiple times per your diagram. All my connections are soldered and covered using shrink wrap tubes. I have read through all your Q&As and still have had no luck with the remote start. After the Tundra continuously cranks over, the parking lights flash 4 times. Please help.


Toyota Lee R (290Pts.)


2012 Toyota 4Runner LTD PTS wire color & location

I am having a hard time identifying the correct plug/connector with wires to tap into, for an EVO-All installation. I suspect the information provided in WireColor is for other T4R models ( without Push to start[PTS]) because all pictures are from the passenger side , under glove compartment while the guides (29991 & 16221/12971)  are  pointing to driver's side ( kick panel/steering wheel/ECU  body). The wire colors don't seem to match actual wires... or it could be I can't ID the correct plug. 

It looks like I can't add pictures so I am including a link to a thread with actual  pics of this  car with plugs labeled....I am  hoping someone can help identify the correct plug for IGNITION 1 & 2, STARTER 1 & 2, ACCESSORIES 1& 2 , A10, A20,A14.

actual vehicle pictures

Note: I can provide better pics if needed.

Thanks in advance!


RF Kit (FTX64-2W) how to switch polarity and limit the output current to 750mA

Hi, Installation guide for FTX 64-2W says i need to connect to (-) igntion and starter with 750mA max output current, my vehicle has (+) ignition and starter. So, how do i invert the polarity and limit the output current to 750mA? If i need relay and resistor, then what value i need to use and how to connect them (a wiring diagram would help alot)? Installation guide for FTX 64-2W says (-) Lock/Armed does this "/" means or? and? ... Also, how do i limit the current this for signal to 750mA? My vehicle information is 2012 Toyota Camry LE G type key (80 bit) key start. Thanks,

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