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2012 A4 PTS Central Locking

Remote starter works perfectly, but one complaint I have, and maybe is a setting on the unit... I have central locking enabled, so only have to unlock the doors once and all unlock, instead of having to hit unlock twice. When I remote start the car, it locks, starts....I unlock the doors with the Fortin remote, all doors unlock due to central locking...I put my laptop bag, or backpack in the back seat, get in, drive, the doors automatically lock when the car is put in Reverse, or Drive, as usual. When I turn off the car, normally all doors unlock, but if I remote started the car, only the front doors unlock, I have to press unlock on the remote to get my bag out of the back seat. If I didn't remote start the car, all doors unlock when I shut off the car. I have not tried to turn off central locking and see if it works just like it would be without remote starting.


2012 Audi A4 PTS won't start

Everything connected correctly,I assume. The only thing I couldn't tell from the diagram and the pictures is the black ignition wire behind the fuse panel. The picture from wire diagrams had the pin pointing at nothing and was no description of which harness the wire is coming from. I looked through all the harnesses and found one giant black wire, which I assume is the ignition, so I connected to it. audi requires the key port and emergency key to be wrapped, so I wrapped 3 times around the key port and 10 times around the emergency key and have them in close proximity behind the dash all other functions of the evo one work with the fort in RF kit, except ignition during remote start. It is an automatic, so I cut the jumper loop. The unit programmed correctly, and the remotes programmed correctly as well. edit. I verified that the ignition cable behind the fuse panel is correct. I also tried remote start with a fob in the ignition and it worked, so it's gotta be the emergency key and key port wiring deal. I have the key port wrapped 4 times and the key wrapped 10 times. I've redone this 3 to 4 times and still can't get it to work. I verified the emergency key works in the dummy fob,and it works. I can't actually get the key port out of the car, so I'm wrapping it while it's in its harness, but pushing the wire as far as I can to the front of the key port. I'm using a solid copper 22 gauge wire.


Audi A5 PTS

Est-ce que l'Option 3X Lock va etre disponible sur les Audi A5 2012? je sais que idatastart l'offre. Merci


What EVO I need to remote start 2009 Audi Q5 Push to Start

Hello, I have a 2009 Audi Q5 Push to Start (regular key fob, not "smart key"). All I want to do is use the factory remote to remote start the car (three "lock" button presses). I don't need any other functionality. It looks like the EVO-One and EVO-All are both compatible. But I can't tell the real difference between these two. For the Audi Q5 2009 PTS, which one do I need? What's the difference between the two?

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