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Compatibility with 2016 Volkswagen GTI

I'm confused with compatibility regarding the 2016 VW GTI. I see options listed for the standard MK7 Golf and Golf R, as well as the MK6-generation GTI. Would the systems for the MK7 Golf or Golf R work with my GTI?


2010 VW GTI

Hi guys. I am trying to install an evo all with rfk411. The problem is that the lock and unlock works but the car doesn't start when I let pressed the button for 3 sec, nothing happens. The serial number of my box is: 001A07468752. I didnt try use w/o key cuz the guide said: BETA TESTING! Any ideas? Thanks in advance. key wrapped over the transponder if not it doesnt works and said key not detected, like that works perfect when I press lock button x3. guide I am using.


Proper modules for 2013 VW GTI std key manual trans

I want to make sure I purchase the correct devices for a smooth install. My understanding is that because I have a manual transmission, I need the Evo-One, TB VW transponder bypass, Flashlink Updater 2, 7.5amp fuse, and relay. Can anyone confirm the Flashlink Updater 2 is needed as opposed to the latest Flashlink Updater 4? No T-Harness available for 2013 VW GTI standard key yet? Is it compatible with the Prestige PE2LCDZ 2-way remote transmitter kit key fob flashlogic RF start 1 mile? If not, is there any adapter that would enable compatiblity with the prestige RF kit? Thank you for your help!!


Does the evo work on the 2017 VW GTI sport for the remote start?

Hi i have a 2017 VW GTI sport with push to start, and I want to install a remote start system. However, I only see the one for 2017 Golf but not GTI. Does Fortin have any product that I can install to my GTI for remote start? thanks


2014 GTI 6sp starts great but getting EPC light

Replaced a db-all which was acting up plus directed can go to hell :) After hooking up the EVO-ALL i'm now getting an EPC light only when remote starting. If I tap the brake then start with the key, it's fine. Any ideas? Regular key wrapped install.


need clutch bypass wire color and location 2014 GTI

hood up evo one to GTI 2014 6 speed, all is working if you keep the clutch pushed in for remote start, so to test it I stayed in car during exit mode and remote started the car with clutch pushed in the car will not start if it is not pushed in I need the bypass clutch wire and location Wire color says purple black at bcm that is not working and I do have the diode in place thanks


2011 VW GTI need brake to start

I am using an EVO-ALL with TB-VW, FW 75.34 in standalone remote start mode. The car is a 2011 VW GTI with DSG automatic transmission and key ignition. (not PTS) Programming successful using guide 61381 dated 20161222 but car will not remote start unless I depress the brakes. The guide does not mention any specific signals related to foot brakes. What am I missing? Wirecolor mentions the foot brake wire and a note about the black wire on the EVO-ALL 20 pin connector. This black wire according to guide 61381 is an output from the EVO-ALL and connected to (+)ignition. The black wire is connected as per the guide. The EVO-ALL should have options C1,D1 and D2. I can see it unlock the car before trying to start. Below is a video showing the LEDs during start:


2013 VW GTI - Lock/Unlock via CAN does not work on EVO-ALL

I have an EVO-ALL installed in a 2013 VW GTI Automatic as a standard installation with a Compustar CM7200 remote start module. I wired up the module as shown in the installation guide, but the lock/unlock functions do not operate correctly. Nothing happens with a lock command. With an unlock command, the ignition pulses on, but the doors do not unlock. Any help would be appreciated.


OEM remote does not work while remote started

2008 VW GTI W/ DSG Transmission. Installed EVO-ALL w/ CrimeStopper Revo 1.1 external RF kit. I am also using Flash Link Updater 2 w/ Flash Link Manager v3.61 (which I do not see anymore on the fortin website). On the Fortin website for my vehicle, it says on Installation Notes "OEM REMOTES NOW FUNCTIONAL WHILE REMOTE STARTED" but when I remote start the vehicle with my Revo 1.1, my OEM remote does not unlock the vehicle. This forces me to turn off the remote start with the Revo 1.1 key then switch over to my OEM remote and unlock. Are there specific options I have to choose in Flash Link Manager?


Why does EVO-ALL fail to receive immbolizer info when trying to use Dcryptor?

08 VW GTI W/ DSG Transmission. EVO-ALL installation and programming was done by following the "Stand Alone Installation for Automatic Transmission only". A CrimeStopper Revo 1.1 is used as the external RF kit. When I connect the module to my Flash Link Updater 2 using Flash Link Manager v3.61, in the "EVO Status" in red letters it says that it did not learn the immobilzer.


Are relays still necessary for transponder and parking lights as it says on wirecolor?

Fortin install instruction doesn't mention but wirecolor shows 2 being used.


Guide says that a hood switch and valet switch are necessary, is it really?

I've looked online and haven't seen anyone installing these on 08 VW's


Brake Bypass for EVO-ONE on '08 GTI w/DSG Automatic

Want to install on an '08 VW GTI with DSG automatic transmission. The problem is that my car requires you to hold the brake to start. No brake = no ignition. This is NOT a push-to-start and I see no regular key diagrams that account for the brake. Is there an output on the EVO-ONE for brake bypass and where does this get spliced into?