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Interior lights stay on

Altima 2008 coupe lights stay on, even if vehicle is off and locked. Once driving interior lights stay on as well. Evo nist1.


Where is the parking lights wire

Its not the red wire I tested it it only gives 12+


No remote start after install, no parking lights, brake lights light up.

Evo-ALL. 2012 Nissan Maxima I have all wires connected. Do i need to connect any of the red plugs? No other options installed. I get no parking lights or car does not start when remote is pressed 3x. The horn beeps and the brake lights light up. Car will start when im inside and press brakes but no remote start.


Will not start -2014 Nisssan Maxima SV PTS

No start and feeling frustrated. I finally programed well precisely following the guide and I double checked wiring. I get blue flushed with 3x lock (OEM) on the evo-all unit. No brake lights come on. I have two brake switches each with two wires (unlike the one 4 wire in the guide) - so I attached the one that fit to the t-harness. When I manually start the care, I have a solid yellow light on the evo-all unit. I even disconnected the valvet switch which grounded, still no start. Thanks


no lights when vehicle is running under remote start

installed evo all in a 2016 rogue with push to start everything works as its supposed to but the parking/ hazards do not stay on when vehicle is running


Lights stay on even when car is off!!!

Bought the Fortin Evo for the max...flashed it...everything works but when the car is off and locked, all interior lights including the outside factory courtesy lights stay on! Any suggestions?

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