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Linkr LT1 not pairing with EVO All

My Linkr LT1 module does not pair with the evo-all. I am able to get into the programming mode and the lights on my Linkr LT1 are solid, but I never get a blink or acknowledgement that the Linker LT1 was programmed to the evo. I've also tried this process after disconnecting them for a long while with no luck as well. Please refer to the video which shows my failed attempt. My veichle is a 2021 Audi Q5.


EVO-One and Linkr-Lt1 not able to pair

Can't program the Linkr-Lt1 to the EVO-One. 

I have the EVO-One installed and working fine but when i installed the LinkR-Lt1 and try to pair or "learned to the EVO-One" i can't get the evo one to learn it.

following MyCar instructions:

1-cycle ignition to on

2- yellow LED comes on on the EVO-One

3- Press and hold EVO-One push button for 5 Secs but the parking lights and the Red LED on the side of the EVO-One do not come on

here is what i checked so far:

    made sure "Fortin2" is checked under Remote Starter Mode in flshlink manager double checked the wiring from Linkr-Lt1 to EVO-One  the Linkr-Lt1 module has both solid lights on

Thanks for any help



Evo one, linkr location or map in app

L8tr not starting vehicle,,,in the app I see voltage and cell signal, I don't see any option for location, using android mycarcontrols

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