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Linkr LT1 not pairing with EVO All

My Linkr LT1 module does not pair with the evo-all. I am able to get into the programming mode and the lights on my Linkr LT1 are solid, but I never get a blink or acknowledgement that the Linker LT1 was programmed to the evo. I've also tried this process after disconnecting them for a long while with no luck as well. Please refer to the video which shows my failed attempt. My veichle is a 2021 Audi Q5.


Subaru hofs1 (350Pts.)


ASCL6 connected BUT Evo-One not going to pairing mode

2023 Subaru Forester Standard Key....Got all working now and yes needed to press a bit more on 40 pin fuse box connector So 3x works etc etc I can NOT get the Evo-One to go into pairing mode using the ASCL6 install guide I never get the Red Led when holding button. The ASCL6 is live as i can see the "Car" in the App BUT cant Start or unlock doors etc I can see battery and gps location

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