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Will not lock driver side door

When using auto start or just locking doors. The vehicle will not lock or unlock the driver side door. 2016l5 Toyota rav4.


EVO-ONE-TOY9, Remote open sliding doors when vehicle is running

I recently installed the EVO-ONE-TOY9 in my 2015 Toyota Sienna and it is working great! I have just one question: is it possible to enable the use of the open sliding door buttons on my factory keyfob when the vehicle is running?


2015 Toyota Sienna remote unlock not working

I installed EVO one with T-harness with H-key. The module was programmed to work with OEM key (3 lock start). Everything worked as designed for over a year but lately when the minivan is started using OEM remote, the car does not unlock the doors. When the car is running on the remote start and the unlock key is pressed, the parking lights dim or flickr indicating that the signal is received but the doors stay locked. It used to work fine and no rewiring or other work was performed to the car. Also, one time when remote start cycle was complete the parking lights stayed on even after the car was shut off after completing 10 or 15 minutes remote start cycle.


Will the OEM remote work to unlock door after the remote start is engaged

After installing a EVO ONE remote start on 2018 Toyota Tundra, I couldn’t unlock the door with OEM remote, had to do it manually,is there anything else I can do to make the locks work after engine is running?


How to make RAV 4 OEM Remote unlock door while remote started

I just installed an EVO ONE with a toy 8 t-harness in a 2015 RAV4 H key. I set it up to use the 3x oem lock button to start. Everything works great, except the door will not unlock using the oem remote while remote started. is it possible to to use the remote to unlock the door while running? Did I program something wrong? I have updated all the software to the latest version. Do I need to use a RF Remote? Thanks


2012 Tundra - 3x Lock trips panic, keyless does not work after remote started

I have had the Fortin Evo One remote starter installed for nearly three months, and it has worked flawlessly until yesterday. The 3X lock will now almost always (but not every time) cause the factory alarm to go off. It will also remote start the truck in the process, but will not allow me to use keyless to unlock/lock the vehicle. The running lights flicker when I press the unlock key on the fob, but nothing else happens. Two indicator lights, the Traction Control and ABS lights, turn on and remain on even after a successful/uneventful remote start. Any ideas?


cannot unlock the door after remote start the car

Hi, After I remote start the car (07 Sequoia), I cannot unlock the door, so I have to either shut it off or insert the key mannually and open it. What could go wrong Thanks


Remote Lock/Unlock does not always work on EVO ONE

I tested this in the vicinity of the truck to observe what happens inside the cab: The truck was locked and off for at least an hour. When operating the remote to unlock the car (Toyota Tundra 2016) the dashboard lights up and external lights flash once. A quiet click but the driver side door does not unlock. A second press on the remote and the cycle repeats but nothing unlocks. I then use the key to unlock the door and open. No alarm sounds so it means the alarm is disarmed but the lock function is not working properly. This happens about 50% of the time. The other 50% the doors unlock as expected. I should add that if I were to use the keys to unlock the car before using the Unlock key on the remote the alarm goes off as exepected. I have the four key remote and was programmed per the instructions. I should also add that the remote start and the lock (with confirmation) works reliably each time.

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