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VALET mode from crimestopper REVO4.1 remote :: Turbo mode activation

I have an EVO-ONE for remote start and built in Alarm ( using the horn ) EVO-ONE S/N : 002B04198955 The setup is configured for a Nissan Qashqai ( rogue sport ) 2019 with a PTS ( using T harness ) I have installed the crimestopper REVO4.1 rf kit succesfully and i have two questions : 1- How to enter the Valet mode from the REVO remote ( their guide is very basic and did not mention how to do so , Though i discovered by luck that holding the trunk button would disarm the EVO only for temp time till i lock again but do not know how to trigger the Valet to stop the starter and alarm completely ) 2- I cannot find a way to activate turbo mode ( it is already enabled in option 19 with 2 minutes runtime ), while the engine is running and i am inside the vehicle, i press the remote start on Revo remote ,The Car acknowledge by 3 parking light flashes then if i press the ignition push button the car shutsdown ( while it should keep running and then i should leave the car and lock it to activate turbo for the 2 minutes ) I am stuck on the part that it shouldnot shutdown when i press the push button I tested also with the same procedure but without pressing the push button , the car keeps running for more than 5 minutes ( i believe it should be in idle mode and will shutdown after the full 15 minutes but i didnot test to wait for 15 minutes ) Sorry for the long description and thanks for your support


It's official, EVO-ALL NIST1 is useless

I've tried everything. Resets/reprogramming, wires connected/not connected... when it's all said and done I have a t-harness that seems to work, brake lights come on - dash shows the 'push brake' icon and it never starts. Nothing. Lights flash 3 times and it's done. 2016 Juke AWD CVT. What a waste of my time and money.


2008 Altima PTS

Install evo-all and all wiring complete. After remote starting with oem key 3x lock, car runs about 3 seconds and shuts off. Then it tries to restart itself, ultimately leaving the ignition in the acc position. I Was told to flash a different firmware version of 72.23, still not working. Added rf kit revostart 1.1 same results. Need help please.


Nissan G M (14180Pts.)



Hello. A question. In the past year I installed evo-all (stand alone) on the 2013 nissan juke PTS and everything was fine. Yesterday, too, I installed evo-all again at 2013 juke, but did not start without pressing the brake pedal. Two days of suffering. Then I noticed that the car did not start on the first pressing of the brake pedal and on the PTS. At the same time, only the ignition was opened, and on the second press it was started. And, without a brake, pressing only on pts, three times it was necessary to press to turn on the ignition. I had to add the relay in the brake line to the brake pedal. And, now + 12V is applied to the pedal after the ignition is turned on. Is there any solution to this issue?


Remote Start Fails Intermittently

Hello, I have an intermittent issue with my EVO-NIST1 and a FTX64-2W RF kit. The issue has happened 4-5 times were the car will fail the remote start. The 2-Way remote will confirm the command and give the green LED with ascending tone. The parking lights will come on but the car will not remote start. After about 10 seconds the parking lights will flash 3 times and the remote will give the red LED signal with descending tone. I read in the RF kit troubleshooting that this corresponds to the car not being in Ready mode or being shut down from the transmitter. The Ready mode doesn't seems likely as it's a PTS automatic transmission vehicle. Is there anyway to troubelshoot this scenerio? The majority of the time the remote start seems to work Ok and all the wiring connections are solid. Thanks!


'11 Nissan Quest PTS Evo T-Har. Stand Alone works BUT autolights stay on (despite door pin conn.) if EVO shuts car down

I am not a professional installer but am quite handy with wiring and installations of this sort. I installed the EVO-ALL with the T-Harness into my 2011 Nissan Quest (with Sliding Doors). I hooked up the 12V by splicing the wire behind the start button as instructed, as well as the parking lights and the door pin (which involved removing the entire dash and the instrument cluster. Here's the problem: When the car is started manually, with the lights in automatic mode (so they come on in the dark), they come on and everything behaves normally. When I go to shut the car off manually, it turns the auto headlights off after 30 seconds as it always has. All is good. However, if I start the car with the EVO, it turns the lights on (when in auto mode) as it it should (when it's dark or the sensor is covered), but if I turn the car OFF with the EVO, the lights stay on forever after the engine stops. They never turn off and would drain the battery overnight. Interestingly, if I turn the car off manually, it reverts to working properly, turning the headlights off after 30 seconds (a time I can set through a nissan feature). I tried to run this test in reverse - starting the car manually and shutting it off with the EVO, but the EVO does nothing to the car in this state. It must be programmed only to turn a car off that it has turned on. Is this correct? Anyhow, I'm trying to find a way to use my automatic lights and shut the car down with the EVO without worrying about a dead battery. Thanks, Jeff

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