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bypass key programing

i have a 2012 nissan versa without intelegent key im using t harness. i plugged in all plugs and connected flash link updated module. now i was KEY BYPASS PROGRAMMING PROCEDURE . i did firs 2 steps now when i go to turn on key the yellow led is solid and red does not turn on. please help also i have not connected any lock unlock wires and driver door pin or the hood pin aswell as the parking light wire.


2012 titan conncections

intall question for 2012 nissan titan SV (standard key)with factory alarm. evo-all SN#001A07 215887 with crimestopper Sp402 remote starter. 1)will i need to connect wire for the Auto Lights shut down?which wires i need from Evo-All 2)do i need to connect Security Led wire?which wire i need from Evo-All? 3)also how do i connect all 4 doors for the door trigger? Also if i were to use Evo-All for stand alone can i use crimstopper rf remote and antenna?thanks


Remote push start evo all for Nissan GTR, all programmed correctly but won’t start. Break lights shows but no start?

Installed the Evo All in a 2012 Nissan GTR, everything pulgged up correctly on the instructions. Programmed key fob as it shown, went smoothly with every step. Once finished and time to start the car with the oem key fob with the 3x lock button it will not start but only the break light works? How come it did not start up?


Are there any known security vulnerabilities with the Evo-One and the 2012 Nissan Xterra?

I installed an EVO-One in a friend's 2012 Nissan Xterra, and he recently had it broken into twice. He was also able to use his keyfob to get into another Xterra by accident. He thought it was his, and without paying attention, he unlocked it and sat in it before realizing it wasn't. The horn chirp when locking also stopped working. It also does not sound the panic when broken into or triggered.


Connected parking light wire and they do not turn on.


I bought the EVO-ALL with THAR-NIS1 for my Nissan Juke 2012 ( PTS ) I was able to get every other connection working except the parking lights. I plugged the brown wire from the harness to the purple wire shown in the Wire-Color pictures and even confirmed that it is the correct wire because I get a constant 12v when I turn on the parking lights and probe that wire. Is there something I am missing that would cause the lights not to turn on?




Hi, I just installed EVO-NIST1 as per Installation Guide in my Nissan Altima 2012 (Push to Start - Auto transmission) for using my OEM Key Fob 3x to Remote Start , I plugged in all connectors and spliced 2 wires, the first one is the black/white from the EVO to the brown wire at the push button, the second wire is the parking light wire, it's the brown wire from the EVO going to the red/blue wire in the fuse box. I programmed the EVO and all lights appeared as expected, however, the car doesn't start remotely, i tried it with the key inside and still no luck, whenever i push the remote lock key i see a blue light on the EVO , the brake lights is off when trying to remote start , I plug the RL 1 to EVO , please tell me what I’m missing here

Firmware Vr.72-19


2012 altima will not start

install all the harness and use a ttab to wire to the brown wire to the pust to start button. Did the aapropiate programing following the instructions, all lights flash accordingly. I try starting the car and it wouldn't do it. The red light turn and yellow biinks and you can hear the module clicking but the car will not start. Any advice so i can get my remote start to work properly.


Altima 2012 - Car Not Shut Off from long distance but Starts

Hi, I just installed EVO-NIST1 as per Installation Guide in my Nissan Altima 2012 (Push to Start - Auto transmission) for using my OEM Key Fob to Remote Start and OEM Key Fob to Remote Shut Off. Note : Flashed with the Latest Recommended Firmware for Nissan Altima 2012. Configured first Mode (Remote Starter) - Options enabled (A1,A2,A3, B1, C1, D1, D1.6, D2, D5, D6) Also configured mode bypass with same options mentioned aboved.   Ever things works as it should be,  From Distance (car) 1-8 meters when I press lock button x 3 times (OEM Fob key) car starts and when I press lock button x 3 times again car shut off.   From Distance (car) 10-30 meters when I press lock button x 3 times (OEM Fob key) car starts and when I press lock button x 3 times again Car NOT SHUT OFF.  Until I walk in distance under 8-7 meters  to car than if I press lock button x 3 times Car shut off.   What I don't understand if I've a problem with OEM Key Fob distance limitation than how come I able to Start Car from long distance ( 10-30 meters) but at same distance Not able to shut off.   Help me out with this issue, is there any optin that I need to enable or disable ?

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