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Can you flash frogram to install with one key? 2011 escape evo all in one 4?

Only have one key, about to use forscan to program 2nd key, but do I need it?


Can you help program my 2014 Ford Fusion with fort3 t-harness?

2014 Ford Fusion with evo-all and fort3 t-harness wont program as standalone. I turn the key to the on/run position and the light just stays solid blue and never flashes.


can you program fortin-all with one remote key?

i have a 2018 cx-9 and i only have one remote/key. in the instructions, it says i need two. Is there a way to use only one key?


Dodge Dart Manual Transmission 1 Key

2013 Dodge Dart Manual Transmission with only 1 Key. I know the Key is Disabled when Remote Start is Enabled. Without buying a RF-Kit. Can you use the Key to unlock the car and take over with no issues? Or does that unit have to see the Unlock command from the remote? Second question: To have the car in Ready Mode "Press Brake, Emergency Brake, Release Brake" will the Remote be functional to Lock the car once you exit? I didnt know with the "Press Brake, Emergency Brake, Release Brake" if the car continues to run until you lock it or not without installing and testing.

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