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After finish the DECRYPTOR and back to the car and press lock 3 times, evo flash blue only when lock is pressed

After finish the decrytor step on the guide and put the device back to the car. after press 3 times lock only blue flash and does not nothing. I tried to reflash and follow step 1 to 13 and same issue. I have a chevy Equinox 2013 LT model


2010 Ford Taurus standalone no tach signal

|nstalled EVO-ALL and THAR FOR4 into 2010 Ford Taurus standard key, standalone. Car will start and die after 5 seconds with evo red light flashing 3x for no tach detected. Used latest firmware and have tried backdating as well. Have also tried 2 other EVO-ALL modules with no success. Using Decryptor one key method. Serial # 001A07 153393.


warning light on display

  evo All wire to wire 2016 lexus RX350 everything works fine but has a warning light on the dash it says there is a key malfunction in the electrical connection, how can I fix the problem, thanks


The key cannot be decrypted

Unlocking the key cannot be added I Model :EVO-ONE unit number 002B04016358


Remote start doesn't work FX 50s 2012

good evening. Need big help. I did instal EVO-ALL with T-harnes, did flash with modile to 72.34 , programm with the fob. And when time come to try - no reaction. I see module flash 3 times blue when activating remote start with OEM fob, then turning red (i think it's trying to start) for few seconds, then it' turning off and turning on again for few sec and then off. Aftger this blue light blinks 3 or 4 times.White -black wire connected as per diagramm (for my car to light blue on the back of push-to-start botton). Red connector i tried both R1 & R2. On the module A1-A11 ON, C1 & D1 ON, D1.6 & D1.10 ON, D2 ON. Do not Have any idea what next. One more thing, on White-Black wire i measured 10V when it wasn't connected, is it shiuld be like this? End when i trying to start nothing heppening in this wire, 10V always. Thank you in advance.


2015 Honda Civic PTS RS take over sequence/steps?

First PTS I will be installing with Fortin product. Just wanted to know after I use the 3x lock on factory remote with a Evo-One do i just hit unlock to enter vehicle and press the pts button twice and then put foot on brake and take off? or is there another procedure to do a key take over? Thank you, Amit


Ram bao dinh (740Pts.)


Ram 2500 2012 diesel , EVO-ALL 3x lock remote start with T-harness

hello ,

in the installation guides , the Brow/White of the evo-all connect for parking light (-) , do i need to connect the Brow/White to the parking lights wire? can i just leave it unconnect?


3x lock to remote start activation on 2015 Honda Civic push to start

I need to program the 3x lock to remote start a 2015 honda civic push start, I just flashed my EVO ONE unit to 73.27 version and now I want to enable the 3x lock option FUNCTION 38 MODE 2 and (+)accesory 2 (E1) FUNCTION 2 MODE 2 but I don't see them on option on the list, I need help to be able to activate those two options please


2006 ford f150 rf kit door locks

Hello, I have a 2006 ford 150 that I would like to install the evo one into. I see the 3X option is not avaliable for this truck. Is there anyway to wire one of the inputs to the door lock negative/positive to trigger the 3x start and use it that way? Or if I install the rf kit with the evo one can I use the spare on board dpdt relay to actuate the door locks on this truck? I want to get away from carrying two remotes if I can. Any ideas to achieve this welcome! Thanks Shawn


my 2016 GMC Sierra will shut off a few seconds after I remote start it using my OEM remote

2016 GMC Sierra shuts off after remote start


Nissan KS (130Pts.)


Car Shutoff after 15 minutes - even when driving

I've installed EVO-NIST1 in Nissan Altima 2012 2.5S (Push to Start), connect all the cables as per installating guide. I'm using my OEM Key Fob to remote start by pressing lock 3x. I've configured EVO to run time 15mins. It's working fine after 15min car shutoff if you don't drive. But if I start remotely and dirve within 15mins ( unlocak car using Remote and dirve), Car SHUTOFF exactly 15min after I started remotely, even I'm driving. It happened with me more than 4 times, thank GOD I was on signal stop when 2 times it happned and the two time when I drove and was in parking lot. Car shutoff. I've to start by push to start.

These days what I'm doing is start car remotely so car can heat up and when I need to drive, I've to shut off by pressing break and start again to make sure car doesnt shutoff in middle of highway.

Let me know if I'm missing any configuraiton.




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