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OL-RF-52-SST no LED for remote programming with EVO ONE

Vehicle is a 2005 Buick Rainier with standard key. Installed the EVO ONE (remote start firmware 0.44) and the OL-RF-52-SST about a year ago (May 2020). Everything worked OK. The truck had an engine failure and was in the shop for several months with the battery disconnected. When powered back up, the Omega RF remotes no longer work. OEM remotes work. I followed the directions for remote programming as listed below. My antenna LED is not lighting up at all.

The unit was intalled with a custom T-harness for power using OEM connectors and automotive-grade wire. The 30A inline fuse is good.The harness to the antenna looks OK. I verified the unit still has FW 0.44 via my Flash-Link 4 programmer.

Here's the process I tried to program the remotes:

Flash 0.44 into the remote starter and do the following to program:

- ign on off on, led on antenna will light up solid. 


- 4x on brake pedal. It should blink once with each brake press.


- Then send lock from each remote, should blink once again to confirm it programmed.

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