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Can't locate Parking light (-) wire on 2008 Acura MDX. Can I use (+) wire instead ?

Hi. I installed EVO-ONE with T-Harness on 2008 Acura MDX. Follwed your instruction and everything works so far. However, I can't find "Parking light (-) wire" on the light switch. I probably have to remove the steering wheel to remove combination switch assembly to find that wire. Is there any other way to get this to work ? Is there any option on EVO-ONE to switch the polarity of Pink wire on A12 so that I can use "Parking light (+) wire" instead ? ( (+) is near fuse box, much easier to access than removing the steering wheel.) If not, is it possible to wire an LED and hook up its lead to somewhere in EVO-ONE ? ( I can install one LED on dashboard as an indicator light) Your help is greatly appreciated. Thank you. - James

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