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MyCar will not start 2013 Toyota sienna! Tried everything!!

I have looked at all the question and answers with no luck. I update the firmware on the Evo-one, re-programmed every way possible with different firmware’s, re-programmed the mycar module, I’ve used with and without the little harness that comes with the mycar module, see if the Evo receives a lock/unlock signal while on (nothing), checked if the module is plugged in the right slot. I send the signal from the mycar app, turns green and then red for every option. The app shows signal, battery voltage, gps location, but it won’t accept any command. Please help!! (Can it be a defective device?) It worked before and all of a sudden stopped working.


I have 2016 toyota Hkey installed with Tharonetoy8 harness programmed module but will not remote start

blue light comes on when lock and unlock is presses. TPMS wire is bypassed as well instructions show with Tharone toy3 did i get wrong harness?


evo one programmed but not working

i am installing an evo one with t harness on an 2012 toyota tocoma .the evo one programmed correctly along with along with fortin rf kit. truck cranks but will not start. tryed to reprogram it will not let me red led just stays on .i tried to reset back to factory settings in case i changed any options by accident now remotes wont reprogram


Toyota Tacoma Evo one installed but will not start or blink after being programmed.

I installed the Evo one using the instructions. When I was done programming and I removed the key from the ignition. The red light disappears and then no lights will reappear again. I have tried to re program and have checked every wire 5 times. The truck does not attempt to start when the button sequence completed, it acts normal. I am unsure what to do at this point.

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