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2012 Subaru Forester Manual Trans. Evo-One OEM key fob

2012 Subaru Forester Manual Trans. Evo-One OEM key fob.
setup according to #54711 guide, except hood pin is not used.
Flashed to 79.49 & 1.24 ran the decrypter, then set the standard settings in both tabs. 83.2 C1 & D5 enabled
When I press the lock 3x times the horn beeps, the parking lights flash 3 times the radio & Dash lights flash. but it does not start. In reading the help guide, it says the EVO-One red light should turn on, it does not.
Any help would be much appreciated. 


Remote starter has been sporadically starting vehicle on its own with no fob input on 2012 subaru forester

Last winter car started on its own several times(5 that I know of) and then during spring/summer months this stopped occurring then this fall it has occurred 2 times and fobs were inside with no human physical contact. Fortunately car is not kept in garage as this would have been an extremely dangerous event(carbon monoxide). I purchased the vehicle off lease from a used dealer in Ontario , car was originally in service/purcahsed new in quebec where I expect this fortin system was installed. Unit was installed in car when I purchased used. What can be done to rectify this and is their a recall on this unit. I can absolutely confirm that none of the fobs were depressed in any manner to cause this.


EVO-ALL , Subaru WRX 2012

Bonjour, Avec Evo-All, installé sur WRX 2012 (07-2011) le module se programme bien. Par contre, il ne controle pas les door lock, et ne désarme pas le véhicule lors du démarrage. Quelle firmware a fait ses preuve? , j'ai flashé avec 79.29 et 79.30, ne fonctionne pas. Merci

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