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my update for a 2012 dodge ram shows a 2015 caravan update, why ?

I purchaed a flashlink update modual and a evo-chrt4 for a 2012 dodge ram. When I went to do a firmware update it came up as a 2015 dodge caravan. How do I update the firmware for my vehicle ?


can the evo-one be used as a remote starter in a 2012 ram with manual transmission?

can an evo-one be used for a 2012 ram with manual transmission using 3x lock without using a remote start as well?


2012 ram 3500 diesel wont start

After install and programming unit, truck wont start. Blue led flashes when lock button is pressed. No red led when dark blue wire is grounded. Yellow led when key is in the ignition and truck is running.


When I try to remote start im just getting flashing red light

I tried troubleshooting it and when trying to remote start yellow and red connectors are not receiving power


How long should the delay be for diesel mode?

How long should the delay be when operating in Diesel mode? My unit only gives about an 8-10 second delay which is not enough time for the grid heater in cold weather. Wondering if a master reset or software update would fix this or if that is as long as the delay is? Others I have talked to with this unit reported longer delays. Thank you for any help.Truck is 2012 Ram 3500 Cummins Diesel


Ram bao dinh (740Pts.)


Ram 2500 2012 diesel , EVO-ALL 3x lock remote start with T-harness

hello ,

in the installation guides , the Brow/White of the evo-all connect for parking light (-) , do i need to connect the Brow/White to the parking lights wire? can i just leave it unconnect?


Ram BRANDON (180Pts.)


Is it possible to extend the start delay?

I have an EVO-CHRT4 installed in a 2012 Dodge Ram 3500 Diesel. On cold mornings the 15 second delay start isnt always long enough to allow the grid heater lights to turn off. Is there any way to extend the delay start?

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