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I installing evo all+tarantula rs3 to mazda cx9 2012 with ineligent key . all prog and connection is correst but if option on on evo all unlock door ,start engine and lock car ( disarm car alaram) windows and sunroof is opened if this function is off the car alarm turns on . what can i do to privent the windows and sunroof from openning


Unlocking all doors after remote starting

2019 Mazda CX-5 push to start, installed with EVO-ONE and T-harness All sucessfully installed with suggested options, remote start works great but after remote starting, im only able to unlock driver side door with OEM remote which option do i need to unlock all doors? *I tried the options that says "unlock driver side door when unlocks once, and unlock other doors if pressed twice" on the bypass options, it didnt work.


mazda 3 2012 standard key with evo-one : vehicle is not unlocking and alarm starts when remote starting the vehicle

Need help. Problem 1: the car don't unlock. I hear the lock mechanism, but it's like if the car is locking instead of unlocking. The flashers flash twice. The lock command works fine (flashers flash once). Problem 2: when I remote start the car, the alarm starts. I have to unlock the car from the oem remote to stop the alarm. I installed an Evo One in a Mazda 3 2012 standard key using the regular installation instructions https://cdn02.fortin.ca/download/29661/evo-one_ig_reg_bi_maz-2-3-tribute_2001_key_b_29661.pdf I connected all the wires directly, without any resistor. The only wire I didn't connect is the "Parking Light" (E1). The analog door lock wire (green/red A18) was connected to the dark green wire in the BCM driver kick panel (wirecolor pin 127,129) without any resistor. All the firmwares are the latest. Did I do something wrong? Is it because of the parking light wire (White E1) that I didn't connect? I didn't find the wire on wirecolor. Is it accessory 2? Is it because I didn't use the 1 Kohm resistor as on wirecolor for the analo door lock? How can I use a resistor for lock but not for unlock when using a single wire? Do I have to activate/disable any option on the unit (evo one)? Please help. Thanks, André


2017 CX9 Push To Start - Cant unlock car after remote start - Evo One

Hi Car - 2017 Mazda CX9 Push To STart Fortin - Evo One, Maz THAR-MAZ2, Fortin Flashlink 4 Evo Number - 002B02164087 Guide Used - 65561 Vehicle has been succesfully wired in and Dcrypted. Once i remote start however i am unable to get access to the car till the remote starter time runs out and turns off. Remote fob unlock doesnt work, Passive door unlock request button does not work on teh vehicle either Please advise how i can enable remote Fob control whilst remote starter is running? Also can i turn remote start off via the remote after i have remote started?

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