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Which wire is the negative pulse from door lock module for kia soul 2014 in kick plate harness.

Hello. I cant seem to find where the negative door lock wire is in the wire harness to get a negative pulse in my 2014 kia soul. please help. Thank you!



2020 Kia FORTE with EVO ONE and T-Harness. Once the car is started, the keys do not respond. Could you give us a solution? After checking the possible solutions that you offer us on your website, none have worked for us. Thanks in advance.


2012 Kia Soul standard key rf641w not unlocking and locking vehicle

2012 Kia Soul standard key no immobilizer. Using thar-one-khy1. I am using the tachless mode. I have programmed 2 rf641w keys successfully, however they do not unlock and lock the vehicle properly. I even tested the wires to ground to verify ground control and that was better than the module was doing. So here's the behavior:

    Lock: will not work unless I lock the car with the oem remote period. making me think the evo module is storing status incorrectly or is unaware. Unlock. Works if I press the unlock button 3 times
      I have also tried adjusting option 8 for this with no luck. (unlock pulse adjustment)
    Kill start - I am unaware, but is there no feature to kill the remote start and turn the vehicle off via the remotes?

Thanks in advance.


2017 Kia Forte remote started but no unlock from oem remote

I can get the evo one to program and remote start but the oem key fob isn't working. No unlock from oem key fob.


2016 kia soul singal or double pulse for locks

Do i need a single or double pulse for the locks to work correctly .I had it set on single pulse .25 sec but locks dont seem to unlock all the time . except driver side. Already reprogramed the unit again followed programming for no ems wire or becuse this is hooked up to the can bus should i use the other programing methed .


2016 kia soul canbus

On the evo one remote start is hooked up through can bus but seems to have a hard time with lock and unlock function . My question is if I have the can bus hooked up can I also hard wire the triggers in or is it one or the other when being installed


Issue programming crimestopper revo 1.1 to evo-one - 2016 KIA Soul

Everything else on the installation has gone fine per the instructions for programming the EVO ONE module. However, the module will not change from the YELLOW LED when turning the key to the ON position when trying to program the Crimestopper REVO remotes. I do see that others mentioned that they downgraded the firmware to 1.16, but those posts are two years old at this time... Is this still necessary? It also seems that, the OEM key buttons will not work once the car is remote started?? I thought the purpose of buying the additional RF kit was to have the OEM keys work to unlock the vehicle remotely, after the car has been started remotely?? Any help would be greatly appreciated.


2016 kia soul standerd key oem key fob no control once remote started.

with the evo one in remote start the oem key fob has no control over the door locks or the arm or disarm of the evo one. in the settengs i have the oem remote settings enabled on both the remote start and alarm side or is there something that I am missing.or not set correctlly.

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