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2019 Elantra PTS, unable to program CanBus to Evo-One

Installed Evo-One on a 2019 Hyundai Elantra PTS. Verified wiring many times. When it comes to programming the module, all goes well till it’s time to program canbus section. I get it to the point the red led is flashing 5X then pauses. Push the PTS button twice to turn on ignition for canbus programming and nothing. No red led 10x then turning to blue. Any ideas into why this is happening would be great. Can usually get these figured out, but no luck here. Car has 2 different canbus hook ups, one at the obd connector and one behind the fuse panel.


Wires seem miss-labeled in 2015 Sonata PTS instructions

Wire colors labeled differently on 2 pages for CAN1, description section says blu/wht install illustration has yel/brn


Evo All - Brake Output Delay - Sonata 2015 PTS

I did an install on my Hyundai 2015 Sonata PTS with the Compustar CM7200 brain. Everything is functional but the issue that I am having is that upon entering the vehicle after a remote start if I press the brake the car stops a few seconds later as opposed to immediately. This is a big problem as sometimes I forget to press the PTS button twice after entering the vehicle and I press the brake to put it in gear and the car shuts off while the transmission is shifting gears into reverse. This causes the car to leap as if it stalled in gear and I can be certain this is not good for the transmission at all. I've usually done installs with iDatalink and it shut off immediately as soon as I put the foot on the brake pedal before I even have the chance to switch the gear. This is my first time using the Fortin with brake input using CANBUS.


Hyundai Azera 2012 pts

I have Azeri 2012 to install its complete very will but it's starting from trunk 3 time ! And warking also from lock any way it wasn't our problem , our problem is the car wasn't accept taking over we open the car and press PTS and it's Turn to ACC but didn't turn to on it's shut down when press break paddle in off and ACC , any help

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