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Honda civic 06 EX standard Key. Car then remote started. OEM remote unlock is not working.

Honda civic 06 EX standard Key. Installed EVO One (updated with latest firmware1.24 aka 0.60, Hardware rev 4). D2 is off. Wiring is according to the installation manual using Tharness Hon1, Rev 1. Car remote startedusing 3x oem lock press. 3x lock stops the engine and then it unlocks the driver door. If i remote start and then press unlock on OEM remote, it blinks the parking lights but will not unlock the door which is an issue. I did connect the lock unlock wires on driver boot side clip. Also Tharness yellow wire is cut for IMMO + connections SN 002B04 044514


Car starts on 3 lock press of OEM Key, but after start it won't respond to OEM Remote

I have installed the EVO-ONE using T-Harness (TAR-ONE-HON2) on my 2016 Honda CRV, the car starts with OEM remote, but after the start the functionality of the key is lost, I can't unlock the vehicle or engage 3-lock sequence to shut off the remote starter.


Honda AndyT (130Pts.)


OEM remote lock/unlock not working while vehicle is running on 2006 Honda Odyssey

I have a Fortin EVO ALL with a Crimestopper RS1-G5 remote starter on my 2006 Honda Odyssey. Remote start works great but I can not lock/unlock with the OEM remote while the remote start is active. When I press the lock/unlock buttons on the remote, the blue light on the EVO-ALL activates. If I manually unlock the doors with the key, the sliding door button on the OEM remote still works. I did not hard wire any connections to the lock/unlock wires as I thought the D2D connection between the starter and EVO-ALL would take care of that. I searched and firmware is 4.18. I don't own a unit to upload the latest firmware. Would the update allow for the OEM remote to control the door locks while the engine is running? I've read mixed information on this. Or should I hardwire the lock/unlock wires to the EVO-ALL?


Using Drone app to lock/arm car and when using the OEM remote key fob to unlock alarm trigger when opening the door

So I finally got the Evo-one/Drone to work with my 2005 Honda Pilot over the weekend. However while using the Evo-one/Drone app to lock/arm the car and when I use the OEM key remote fob to unlock while opening the door trigger the alarm. When the alarm is trigger can't use the OEM key remote to disarm, only Drone app that was use to arm the car will disarm it. While I use the OEM key remote fob to lock/arm the car, I can use the Drone app to unlock/disarm the car and able to open the door without trigger the alarm. Is there a setting in the EVO-ONE that I need to change in order for the alarm to turn off when I use the OEM remote to unlock/disarm the car when the Drone app is use first to lock/arm the car? Or is that not possible

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