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Remote start doesn't work FX 50s 2012

good evening. Need big help. I did instal EVO-ALL with T-harnes, did flash with modile to 72.34 , programm with the fob. And when time come to try - no reaction. I see module flash 3 times blue when activating remote start with OEM fob, then turning red (i think it's trying to start) for few seconds, then it' turning off and turning on again for few sec and then off. Aftger this blue light blinks 3 or 4 times.White -black wire connected as per diagramm (for my car to light blue on the back of push-to-start botton). Red connector i tried both R1 & R2. On the module A1-A11 ON, C1 & D1 ON, D1.6 & D1.10 ON, D2 ON. Do not Have any idea what next. One more thing, on White-Black wire i measured 10V when it wasn't connected, is it shiuld be like this? End when i trying to start nothing heppening in this wire, 10V always. Thank you in advance.

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