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The key cannot be decrypted

Unlocking the key cannot be added I Model :EVO-ONE unit number 002B04016358


2015 Honda Civic PTS RS take over sequence/steps?

First PTS I will be installing with Fortin product. Just wanted to know after I use the 3x lock on factory remote with a Evo-One do i just hit unlock to enter vehicle and press the pts button twice and then put foot on brake and take off? or is there another procedure to do a key take over? Thank you, Amit


3x lock to remote start activation on 2015 Honda Civic push to start

I need to program the 3x lock to remote start a 2015 honda civic push start, I just flashed my EVO ONE unit to 73.27 version and now I want to enable the 3x lock option FUNCTION 38 MODE 2 and (+)accesory 2 (E1) FUNCTION 2 MODE 2 but I don't see them on option on the list, I need help to be able to activate those two options please

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