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The smallest,
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and most powerful solution.

The EVO-ONE combines the remote starter for vehicles that require a high AMP power, the key bypass as well as the advanced security (CAN) in one single module. The EVO-ONE is simply the ultimate solution in CAN connectivity. Compatible with most RF Kits on the market, smartphone apps as well as multiple OEM remotes (stand alone mode), the EVO-ONE allows a whole worlds of remote control possibilities.

With its 3 SAE certified CAN networks (triple CAN, CAN, CAN) and its 5 on board programmable relays, the EVO-ONE redefines reliability and performance in vehicle integration.

Built to facilitate and speed-up the installation, the EVO-ONE is delivered with all 2011- vehicles preloaded and a simplified downloadable softwares collection that groups all manufacturer vehicles in one single version. An impressive collection of T-Harnesses is also available in option to keep the original vehicle wiring intact.

Fully loaded integrated solution

  • Integrated Remote Starter & Alarm inside icon

    Remote starter

    • Compatible with all CAN vehicles that require high power
    • Long range RF Kits and smartphone apps compatible
    • 3X Lock remote starter* compatible
  • Superior Hardware with 5 built-in relays icon

    Integrated bypass module

    • Preloaded with all 2011 and less vehicles
    • 1 single software for each manufacturer
    • Compatible with push-to-start vehicles
    • DATA bypass
  • Transponder Bypass icon

    CAN and Integrated Alarm compatibility

    • Compatible with external CAN alarms
    • Built-in alarm system
  • CAN functions icon

    High performance hardware

    • 5 x 25 AMP on board programmable relays
    • 3 x SAE certified CAN networks (CAN, CAN, CAN)
    • Reduce the number of connections that have to be performed during the installation
  • T-Harness icon


    • Keep the original vehicle wiring intact
    • Reduce the connection errors
    • Reduce the installation time

Evo-one feature benefits

  • Remote starter & alarm inside

    Remote starter &
    alarm system

    No additional interface module required. EVO-ONE combines an interface module, a remote starter module and a built-in alarm system.

  • Dcryptor icon

    DCryptor Technology

    Uses the power of the DCryptor OEM Key Copying Technology server which saves memory spacing for new vehicle keys.

  • RF kits icon

    RF Kits Compatibility

    Enable vehicle's control with long range RF Kits that can be connected in the interface module without adding an external remote starter module

  • Flash Link Manager icon

    FlashLink Manager

    Toggle functions and speed up your installations with the FlashLink Manager Software. Functions bypass and interface are controlled independently of the portion of the remote starter and alarm.

  • External command icon

    Smartphone apps

    Compatible with GPS Telematic modules for smartphone apps via the RS232 port (datalink)

  • T-Harness icon


    The T-HARNESS speeds up the installation and protects the vehicle factory harnesses integrity.

  • Stand alone integrated functions icon

    Built-in functions

    The 3X Lock remote starter* and the built-in alarm functions can be controlled with the OEM remote on the automatic transmission vehicle.

  • Wirecolor icon


    Access to thousand of vehicles wiring photos and plans for FREE with every purchase
    of EVO-SERIES products.

Fully Loaded
high current remote starter
alarm system and bypass solution.

Moduled car

Integrated Connectivity

The art of combining connectivity with one single device.

OEM remote

OEM remote Press the lock button 3 times from OEM remote

Aftermarket remote

After market remotes Add compatible
RF kits for long range

  • Remote starter icon

    3X Lock Remote Starter*

    Start and stop the vehicle with the OEM remote by pressing the LOCK button 3 times (3X Lock)*.

    compatible vehicles
  • Alarm icon

    Built-in alarm system

    Enable vehicle Security & Alarm functions with the EVO-ONE module that will use the vehicle's horn as a sound monitor.

    compatible vehicles
  • connectivity icon

    Smartphone apps

    Control the vehicle with a compatible smartphone app (Viper SmartStart, Compustar Drone).

    compatible solutions
  • RF kits icon

    RF Kits compatibility

    Control the vehicle with a compatible long range RF kit (XL202, Audiobox, Compustar and much more).

    compatible rf kits

Let's talk numbers

Raising the bar of the fully loaded solution performances,
here are a few facts that demonstrate the EVO-ONE superiority.

Evo One module
  • 6
  • 9
  • 9
  • 8
Supported vehicles icon

Compatible vehicles

  • 4
  • 6
  • 0
Decryptor icon

Programmable vehicles with
DCryptor OEM Key Copying Technology

  • 6
  • 2
  • 5
RF Kits icon

Compatible vehicles with
3X Lock Remote Starter*

the module

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