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1-way long-range RF kit included all-in-one remote starter kit with 2 1-button remotes.

$319.99 CAD

Part of our EVO 4 SERIES and based on an FM 433 MHz communication platform, EVO-ONE-411 is a 1-way all-in-one remote starter kit that includes an EVO-ONE module for high-current or low-current ignition vehicles, including a full alarm system and immobilizer bypass, as well as an EVO 4 SERIES RFK411 RF kit. Its two 1-button RM411 remote controllers operate over a long range of up to 2,000 feet (600 meters). This kit is provided with our clear blue LED indicator FMH Fortin Antenna. Outfitter with perfect pocket fit remotes, you can be sure this all-in-one kit will offers the high reliability you need for your modern lifestyle.

T-Harness Cables Available

RFK411 Long-Range RF Kit Included

EVO-ONE Control Module Included

1-Way FM 433 MHz Communication - 2,000 feet (600 meters) Long-Range Devices

Engine Remote Start & Stop

Alarm & Security

Immobilizer Bypass

  • 1x Installation and Programming Guide
  • 1x User Guide
  • 1x Warning Label [3]
  • 1x Hood Pin Switch
  • 1x 20-pin general-purpose harness [4]
  • 1x 6-pin high power harness [4]
Controls start, stop, lock and unlock functions
CE, IC and FCC certified devices
Fast and easy installation
Superior warranty program

[1]A firmware update is required

[2]Using the 2-way datalink port with an equipped telematic unit greatly increases range and user integration.

[3]Updated firmware and installation guides are posted on a regular basis. We recommend that you update this module to the latest firmware and download the latest installation guide(s) prior to the installation of this product.

[4]Secure Clip Harness.


Engine Remote Start and Stop

Doors Lock and Unlock Remote Control

Trunk Remote and Custom Auxiliaries Control

Slim and Sturdy Design

content image
Multicolor LED

FM Remotes

2 Way Remotes

Long- Range RF Devices


Compatible with all Fortin and many third-party remote control mobile and RF solutions as well as with most vehicle OEM remotes, the EVO-ONE allows a whole world of remote control possibilities. The EVO-ONE is simply the ultimate solution in vehicle’s connectivity.

Engine Remote Start and Stop

Works with Fortin and EVO mobile and RF remote control devices and much more

Remote Start from the vehicle’s OEM remote ready

Door Lock and Unlock Control

Convenience Features Remote Control

content image
Built-In Alarm and Security System

In-Vehicle Temperature Sensor Inside

Works with most automatic and manual transmission vehicles

Customize your installations with Fortin FlashLink programmers

Quick-Connect T-Harness Cabling Systems Available

EVO-ONE — The Ultimate All-in-One Solution

Compatible with high-current and low-current ignition vehicles, the EVO-ONE includes a remote starter, a complete alarm system, an immobilizer bypass module as well as a data interface module to the within the same device.

With its 3 SAE-certified CAN networks, its 5 on-board relays and its compatibility with automatic and manual transmission vehicles, the EVO-ONE redefines performance and reliability industry's standards.

Vehicle-Specific T-harness cabling systems available

The EVO-ONE is compatible will all Fortin’s vehicle-specific T-Harness cables. Built to beat the clock, these space-efficient OEM-style quick-connect cabling systems facilitate, speed-up, and secure the installation.

View Available T-Harnesses

The EVO-ONE module

Easy to handle. Easy to fit. Easy as pie.

Thanks to its industry’s smallest casing design, the EVO-ONE offers the most versatile product design making it easy to fit tight and clean in small spaces.

Everything your need with a single brand

Add vehicle compatible parts & accessories to enhanced your vehicle setup or use programming tools to customize your installation.



Fortin products configuration and vehicle firmware update tool for Windows devices (USB connector).

View product

Works with FlashLink Manager Programming App

Required to customize your product options

Firmware Updater Tool

Works with Windows Devices



The Fortin module configuration and vehicle firmware update Bluetooth® device for iOS and Android platforms.

View product

Works with FlashLink Mobile Programming App

Required to customize your product options

Firmware Updater Tool

Works with iOS and Android Devices

Smart Installation Choice



Dual-Stage Shock Sensor for Fortin and EVO Alarm Systems.

View product

Upgrade your Vehicle Security

Alarm & Security

Works with EVO-ONE and EVO-ALL modules



Siren for Fortin and EVO Alarm Systems.

View product

Upgrade your Vehicle Security

Alarm & Security

Works with EVO-ONE and EVO-ALL modules



Prewired 20-amp Micro Relay.

View product

Smallest relay on the market

Prewired 20-amp Micro Relay

Smart Installation Choice



Discover our EVO-4-SERIES long-range FM 433 MHz RF solutions lineup, offering 3 RF kit options (2-Way or 1-Way), with either 4-button or 1-button remote controllers and a Fortin FMH antenna.


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