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Vehicle does not stop when key is removed or brake applied or 3X remote pressed

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2007 Jeep Compass.

Installation was successful.  Evo-All and THAR-CHR5

4 days later car would not shut off.  Key removed, brake applied, remote activated 3x.  No shut off.

I had to unplug the Evo-All for the car to shut off.

I plugged Evo-All back in and I could only get a flashing Blue light.  Not able to use Evo-All.  I currently have the unit removed and using key only.
posté Nov 11, 2020 dans la catégorie Jeep par Charlie Watt (160 points)

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What is ther service number of the evo?

Did you connect parking lights? if so, how?
répondu Nov 11, 2020 par Robert T (284,390 points)

parking light connected to brown/white A14 wire
Did you use a relay to change polarity ? EVO outputs a NEGATIVE. the vehicles circuit is POSTIIVE.


If a relay was not used to change polarity, EVO is fried.
I did not use a relay. I ordered a replacement evo all and it is corrected.

Thanks for your help. I learned something.