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Remote start wont program when key in run position

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2017 Ford explorer using Evo All and Fort3 harness. Used Flashlink and updated firmware to latest for the Explore. Used the suggested  setting. I got it all hooked up. Followed instructions  and get the solid blue light. When I turn key to run position  nothing happens. Blue light stays blue and never starts to blink rapidly  to indicate programming.  What have I missed?
posté Nov 9, 2020 dans la catégorie Ford par Steve Schoen (130 points)

1 Réponse

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You have the wrong firmware in the module.


Use firmware 4.01 for the evo-fort3 installation.
répondu Nov 9, 2020 par Derek (204,740 points)
I flashed to 4.01 and now the light flashes blue to indicate programmers  but it keeps flashing and doesn't stop. I tried taking the key out and putting  it back in. Light turned yellow. Tried 3x lock and it goes through process lights flash but it does not start. Did it not have long enough  to program? How long should it flash blue?
After you program on the blue led, turn the key off then start the truck normally with the key afterwards. Then try your 3x lock.
Ok followed the instructions. Got the solid yellow light when putting the key in after programming. Now when I hit unlock 3x it starts the process (red light, yellow light, blue light. lights flash and horn honks) then nothing. It goes through again and nothing. Then it blinks red 3 times. Is this just not going to work for my Explorer?