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programming procedure

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I bought  a fortin One programed for my corolla 2020 H KEY. With The T Harness recommended.

I installed today. The procedure is not clear. I could not make it. This is my 4th time installing Fortin in a car. The other had been more easy.  All of them plug and play

Do I need to jump , or conect any extra wire? from those that are coming out of connectors

How can I program the 2 keys?

when I start the procedure the blue light start flashing I wait for the solid lighg I turn on the vehicle then turn off but the red light neve is on.
posté Nov 8, 2020 dans la catégorie Toyota par Frank Delgado (130 points)
modifié Nov 8, 2020 par Frank Delgado

1 Réponse

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Did you connect the imi, imo and tpms wires shown in the guide? This installation requires more than just plugging in the t-harness. You have to cut and splice wires in as shown in the guide:


If you made these connections, please advise me of the S/N to the module.
répondu Nov 9, 2020 par derek (270,220 points)

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