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Evo-Fort1 with RFK942 only locks with RF remote on 2012 Ford Focus

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When I hit lock button on the RFK942 remotes, the EVO-FORT1 locks fine.  When I hit unlock on the RFK942 remotes, it will not unlock.  OEM remotes both work fine and EVO-FORT1 starts with all remotes.  Only issue is it will not unlock with the RFK942 remotes.
posté Nov 7, 2020 dans la catégorie Ford par Dean Harvey (130 points)
modifié Nov 8, 2020 par Dean Harvey

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Is the lock button on your focus in the middle of the dash? If yes, you forgot to hit the brake pedal or you did but it didnt register at the end of programming as shown in the guide and this is why its not working.


Re program the unit ensure to follow this step.
répondu Nov 9, 2020 par derek ! (286,160 points)