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2008 infiniti g37s coupe push start automatic transmission from us in miles

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Hi guys

 I got the Fortin Evo-NIST1 with T-Harness and followed guide 80851 for auto transmission.

I got all the wires mentioned connected. Brown wire from t harness to red wire by driver kick panel and the whiteblk to push start brown wire, at the bcm I got the two wires in the pin and tapped the 2nd wire which is red for me in the bcm. The bcm pin wire for (-) door pin is red color wire for me. The programming went smooth but The car doesn't start. When diagnosting I touch the dkblue wire to ground the break lights up and the module has red light. Three times lock the module blinks blue and that's all.

Three times lock button module blinks blue everytime but the car does not start. The module does not have any lights after the blue blinks.

Please help.
posté Nov 7, 2020 dans la catégorie Infiniti par Nabeel Munir (130 points)
modifié Nov 11, 2020 par Nabeel Munir

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What is the S/N to the module?
répondu Nov 11, 2020 par derek ! (284,570 points)
I have the Fortin evo all with service number Q10A06862735 hardware version 6 firmware 72.19 date 10/2018 evo nist1 pre loadad
The settings required for 3x lock are not currently enabled.

Ideally, it should also be updated to the latest nissan/infinit firmware.
Is it not preloaded? What would I need further? How can I enable the settings?
you need the flash link updater to enable the proper settings.


**please note modules with a manufacture date older than 5 years are no longer updateable.
Ok thank you, for me it's says 10/2018 so it should be ok right? And the flash link will be arriving Saturday for me, I will try after that. I just wanted to confirm if I have followed the correct guide and the bcm kick pannel wire is ok to tap as it's a different color. Also would you be able to refer me to guide for hood pin installation?
If you are questioning wether the wire is correct or not, test it. That will always give you the 100% correct answer.