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Is there a known issue with Evo-All and 2010 F-350 Diesel?

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I have an Evo-All installed in my 2010 F-350 diesel. It does not seem to function properly. It never flashes park lights, nor does it turn on heated seats and mirrors when it is -20degrees outside.  Also, the factory alarm will set off at random when the alarm system (Viper) sends an unlock command.

Is this a known issue or do I have a faulty device?


Thank you!
posté Nov 5, 2020 dans la catégorie Ford par Nick Rose (130 points)

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it is not an issue nor is any device faulty :)


heated seats and mirrors is not a supported feature through CAN-BUS on that vehicle.

If you want those to activate upon remote start, it would require physical connections using your remote starter AUX outputs. The viper installation should have information on their AUX outputs.

For parking lights to work, they need to be connected from your viper remote start to the car. If they are, and it still doesnt work, go over the wiring and test your viper parking light output to ensure it is working. The may have setting of sort as well that chooses wether the output is a (+) or (-). Verify with them and their installation guide.
répondu Nov 5, 2020 par Robb (255,010 points)
Thank you for the info.  Not sure how I missed that in the specs.  Easy enough, will wire those into the alarm.

How about the factory alarm going off at random?
Ford OEM alarm may require that you enable the option to trigger ignition and transponder on unlock. There should be an option for that to since most ford with the oem alarm require it.


If that is actually an OEM alarm made by Codealarm, there will be a wiring information sticker on the codealarm unit itself. locate the Disarm input and connect your viper disarm to it.


Best way to find out if its OEM alarm or the OEM codealarm

--- make vehicle alarm ring

--- turn key to ON.

--- if alarm stops ringing, it's the Ford OEM alarm
Thank you for the info.  It is definitely just the Ford OEM alarm.  I did program the device with that option selected and it does work MOST (~95%) of the time.  However, sometimes I will just hit unlock as I'm walking to the truck and the factory alarm will go off.  When I put the key in the ignition, it turns off.  

Mostly annoying for my neighbors at 5:30am :)
relooking at the evo-all plan, looks like it may be able to manage itself that disarm with ignition as long as the red connector is connected and that A5 is ON (not off).