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2017 Ram 2500 (6.7 Cummins) doesn’t delay start long enough for grid heater to go off even though it’s in diesel mode.

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My 2017 ram Cummins doesn't delay the start even in freezing cold temperatures. Everything is turned on and up-to-date. The diesel mode is turned on. Now I will say the truck doesn't have any trouble starting, but I'm worried about the long-term effects of starting it before the preheat cycle finishes.


I did my own tests back to back mornings and used the key one day, and the dash displayed the engine preheat countdown. The next day I watched from outside the vehicle and did the remote start and as soon as the dash lights came on the truck, it starts. It does not even display the preheat countdown on the dash when it definitely should have (30 degree ambient temps).

I see in the settings there is a "20s" option. That's all the information it gives...I'm wondering if that's a 20 second delay option? If so I think that would be enough time to pre-heat the least where I live (central NC).

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
posté Nov 2, 2020 dans la catégorie Ram par Nathan Crist (180 points)

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What is the S/N on the back of the module?
répondu Nov 2, 2020 par derek ! (277,630 points)
élue Nov 3, 2020 par Robert T
I downgraded the firmware to version .37 and it still starts up without any delay. What next?

I can see the history of your module (001A07140306You never tried firmware 0.37.


You tried firmware 74.37. I did not say to try this version, I said to try version 0.37.


Best Regards. 

You sir are a genius! This did the trick...20 second delay will be plenty of time on cold mornings. I really appreciate your help and I'm sorry about all the back-and-forth, but I truly am grateful.
Glad its working how you like.

Best Regards.
Can you fix the newer firmware? I was on 0.36 and had issues with can bus errors I dont understand why the newer firmware even had diesel mode

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