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2016 Ford F150 with Fort 3 harness not starting truck after first programming

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Have installed the Fort 3 t harness , Evo all has been flashed with Flashlink 4.

Firmware 4.02 A11 off and C1 selected.

Completed module installation and truck starts when pressing lock 3 times.(when reprograming module the truck always starts on first test only)

Upon an second attempt to press lock 3 times results in module goes red, orange and then blue, truck horn honks.(no start)

it tries to do this two times and then 3 red lights blink on the unit.

When opening door truck warns of alarm going off unless i insert key.

Please can you advise.


Thnak you very much
posté Nov 1, 2020 dans la catégorie Ford par Andrew Dick (130 points)

1 Réponse

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Think we just spoke. Let me know if the hood connection got it up and running.
répondu Nov 2, 2020 par Robb (262,670 points)
Hi Robb,


Thanks for the help over the phone.

I put in a loop at the hood latch connector cable (2 wire connector.)

I have done the test about pressing lock twice, truck only beeps once.

The remote start still is only holding the programming for one start.

After the one start, i jump in truck and put key in. Start truck then trucn truck off.

This is when i get out of truck. I lock the truck (one button press)

Then i do three not to fast pushes of Lock, Module shoes:the red light comes on then the amber then the blue and notstart, tries this two times and then flashes red (2-3 times).


Please help.


Thanks sir