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2018 F-550 no HVAC

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I Installed FORT3 EVO-ALL on a 2018 F-550. I thought it was all good, but noticed the other day that the HVAC controls do not work while running remotely. The only connection I made was behind the OBD2 port, by far the easiest/fastest remote start install ever!

Am I missing something on the programing of the EVO-ALL, or do I need to make another connection for HVAC to work properly.
Thank you,

posté Oct 24, 2020 dans la catégorie Ford par Joe Callaco (380 points)

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This install enables the oem remote starter in the bcm. The module only acts as a controller that tells the bcm to start or stop.

If the HVAC is "only" blowing cold air, that's because the user settings for the oem remote starter in the bcm, are set to Auto. Vehicle will be kept at 72C. The 4.01 firmware doesn't change any of the factory remote starter settings aside from actually enabling it.


Couple of options:

1. Have the dealer, or someone with a ford scan tool, enable the user menu in the cluster for the oem rmeote starter. You will then have access to change the hvac setting from Auto to Last Used.

2. Do the installation with the FOR2 install instead. Completely different install and requires two keys to program the module.

3. Flash the module for a 2020, with firmware 4.04, and reprogram the module per the 2020 guide. On the 2020 models, the module sets the HVAC to Last Used. It's highly possible the 2020 firmware will work on previous years, but cannot guarantee anything. Worth a shot though.
répondu Oct 24, 2020 par Robert T (285,590 points)
élue Nov 7, 2020 par Joe Callaco
Option 3 seemed to do the trick!!

Thank you!!

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