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Install help. Evo All Stand Alone install with T-Harness CHR5 2005 Chrysler 300c

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Stand Alone Evo All with T-Harness CHR5 2005 Chrysler 300c
Have a few questions before install on a 2005 Chrysler 300c using the EVO ALL with T-Harness CHR5. I'll have the unit at the end of the week and just want to go through a quick walkthrough on how I think the install should go.
(No hood pin or saftey valet switch so not talking about those connections).
Will be using Parking Lights.
Unit arrives. Flash the update puck to most recent software and firmware. Then update Evo All to your cars model year trim and set settings, save, exit , unplug
I will do a quick check using Wirecolor website to make sure my wire colors are correct
Wire Harness yellow wire and yellow (A1) on 20 pin connector are connected and isolate Purple wire on harness. 
 A14 (MUX) Parking Lights wire cute and solder a 2.4k ohm resistor 1/4 watt wrap some electrical tape and connect it with T-Tap on pin wire (from headlight switch) position 1 white/brown wire. 
A18 (Mux) from 20 pin goes to position 2 (Purple/Brown) on Ignition Switch with T-Tap
5 Pin white connector just seems to plug in without isolating any wires.
Now the RED connector uses 3 of 6 of it's wires.  Also says "IF (+) STARTER WIRE IS PRESENT" for D6. This is my stop gap. Are these D3,D6,D5 T-Tap connections or kept on the harness and wires not used isolated. Also if my starter wire is not present do i isolate D6 as well?
If I get past this I see the programming side is straight forward. Once done and keys are programed unplug unit and use the update puck and run Dcryptor , check settings again, save and exit. Put it back in the car , test, button her up.
posté Oct 19, 2020 dans la catégorie Chrysler par 8itgreat (630 points)

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Careful with t-taps. They may make life easy, but they are number 1 cause of installation problems at the time of install or later on down the road.
répondu Oct 21, 2020 par Robert T (284,540 points)
Careful, meaning that they undo if not putting enough pressure to clip them on the wire?  This will be my first time using them.

What do you suggest I use, I can return the T-Taps to Amazon and pick up something else locally.

If I go Posi Tab what size (Wire Gauge) will I need. They are kinda pricey, so I only want to purchase what I need for this installation.


Thanks in Advance, I'm either too tired or wondering why all this info I've looking for is so hard to find.

thanks for the ealier input, probably saved me a bunch of problems in the future.


Ha Ha Ok purchased  

Posi-tap Connectors, 12-18 Gauge Wire, Pack of 5

from Amazon just under $10. 

This is good no?

RF unit is coming on Saturday (RFK411) so just prep when it arrives tomorrow and install Saturday.

I feel so so so much better using these. You're Awesome Robb!

Also understand I don't have to run the Dcyptor software for my vehicle. Also thinking that the posi tab 16-18 awg would have been better, but the ones I have will work fine. The unit is lost in our crappy USPS mail system and is 2 days late, most likely will arrive tomorrow. Hope so, starting to get a bit cool here in Salem Oregon.

Being Canadian, I really love it when I can use a Canandian Companies products, make ya kinda proud.

No need for dcryptor on that vehicle. 

The problem with t-taps, and even posi-taps, is that the connection is not the best for vehicle use. 1 pot hole and contact can break. Let alone, ive seen those types of connectors not even break through the wire shield, or even better, completely cut through the wire itself. 


most techs will be doing splice connections. Meaning, stripe the wire back, poke a hole in it, insert and wrap around new connection, then tape it up. Sort of like this:

8635463343434851137" style="width: 100px; height: 99px;">

Yes military splice is the way to go. I didn't want to have to do that, but the car will die with us or in our family anyways. I practiced on some spare wire with a dentist pick and razor blade and worked very well. Do you also recommend solder as well?

It's Beer thirty and will make some time tomorrow. On a good note this thing will be rock solid when I'm finished with it.
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I've cracked the code lol. Looking at install pdf REV.: 20200420 

It clearly shows cutting and isolating all 6 wires from T-harness and using D3,D5,D6 wires to tap into ingnition switch wires. So in all I will have to tap 5 wires (including parking lights).Using T-Taps.

répondu Oct 20, 2020 par 8itgreat (630 points)