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2002 Audi A4 starts and shuts off Evo one

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Car starts and runs for 10 or so seconds and shuts off. I don't hear any clicking relays flashing a parking light code. Has 3 codes for ignition switch 00576 00844 01744 in the steering module, swapped ignition switch, same issue. In wire color it lists the small gage blue wire on the IGN switch as starter 2, I've double checked all the wiring I feel as if there's a missed connection, the locks/trunk all work flawlessly.
posté Oct 18, 2020 dans la catégorie Audi par Sean (720 points)

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Looks like I've solved my issue, I went thru bypass settings and only have enabled A1 A2 A3 A9 A10 A11, B1 C1 D2 and it stays running.

I'm going to leave 20.2 enabled on the remote start side instead of switching back to data link tach only since this seems to be working fine.
répondu Oct 24, 2020 par Sean (720 points)
élue Oct 24, 2020 par Robert T
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Make sure you enabled option 20.2 inside the evo-one remote starter.
répondu Oct 19, 2020 par derek ! (284,570 points)
It was set to data link only, I changed it to 20.2 and now car starts and runs with the hvac off, if the hvac is on the vehicle still starts and shuts off
Sounds like something is being powered properly at the ignition switch. Test and verify proper functionality.
Everything is wired according to the guide 85631. Will triple check again tomorrow. With the hvac off the car only runs about 3 minutes, if you leave it on and remote start its approx 30 seconds, runtime is set at 15min. If you get in the car while running on remote start before it shuts off and turn the hvac on the vehicle shuts off.

Does A1 (yellow) 20 pin connector need ign power like all the other similar vw guides/evo all guide for this car?

What options should I have enabled for bypass/ remote starter? I thought programming via flash link would have selected all the correct ones I need when I entered the car info.
Yellow is not needed.

a1 through a11 should be on, with the exception of a3, it should be off along with all other bypass options.
have the battery and charging system checked on your car.

Tachless mode is mathimatical formula that checks battery voltage, before, during and after the car is remote started. If the voltage fluctuates, drops, too much while the car is running, the remote starter will shut down.
with a3 off the immobilizer kills the car and the hazards flash. I turned it back on and triple checked all the wiring
swapped the battery, measure voltage from red and black wires going to the unit cranking car hits 10.8V right away jumps up to 13.9-14V keeping my foot on the accelerator keeping revs up the car still cuts out. Any chance I've got a bad brain with a cold solder or something.
kinda have same problem. if i set starter side settings to run 15 minutes, it run same day okay, but next day i remote start and it runs only 2 minutes then shut off, starting again and it run for 1 sec and shut off.

i'm lost here