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two blinks from red LED after step 11 Guide # 82421

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I am using the following on a 2017 VW Golf Alltrack PTS w/automatic trans:

EVO-VWT1 kit with harness, VW-TB, EVO-ALL, RF-Kit 411 and R-Link.

when setting up the unit in fortin flashlink I get no other options for installatiom method than "key in a box" and when attempting to program the unit with the R-Link installed I get all the way to step 11 and then the the flashing blue light turns red, then starts blinking two red flashes, pauses, two flashes and so on.

I cannot get anything to work to get past this.
posté Oct 13, 2020 dans la catégorie Volkswagen par Jefferson Mosman (180 points)

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This would be the guide using those products:


2 red led flash indicates an error detected on the orange/brown & orange/green can bus wires from the evo. Perhaps they are backwards or have a weak connection.
répondu Oct 13, 2020 par derek ! (294,070 points)
Thank you Derek! I was able to get the unit successfully programmed after soldering the canbus connections.

however I have a new issue for you. after using the decrypter software to program the key to the unit and swapping the R-Link for the TB-VW, when I plug the datalink cable in all three lights (yellow, blue, red) flash together for about 15 seconds then turn off and the unit doesn't function at all. that leads me to believe that it is not programmed but the software leads me to believe that it has been so I am a bit lost
reconnect to the flash link and resend dcryptor. No lights should be flashing when reconnecting module in the car.
it said that the key was bad when trying the second time. I am attempting to reflash the key going through the steps starting at 1, now the programming is failing at steps 12/13 with a 3x blinking red light. I am going to try my second key fob to see if it will work. any other ideas?
okay even more fun. I tried one more time with the same key after doing a full reset / reflash of the evo-all. now when trying to run DCrypter I get the following error:

The immobilizer data receieved from the module is incomplete. Please try again.

Follow these steps. The VW firwmare is a learning software on first flash, and a functional firmware after dcryptoor. it will not programm correctly if its not the learning flash.


  1. Reflash unit to 64.06, Select View Other Firmwares and then select 64.06 (very important)
  2. Reset the EVO:
  3. Reprogram in the vehicle (make sure rlink is plugged in, not tb-vw)
  4. Send dcryptor


reset the evo BEFORE you flash the firmware 64.xx. Otherwise it will not program in the vehicle.
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Hello all, thank you to everyone who helped me with this.

I just wanted to follow up to say that I was able to get the remote start and key bypass programmed and working, once I figured out the kinks it works great.

Now about those kinks, first off I just want to say I am still not 100% sure what was going on with the DCrypter, however I was able to get it first try with my secondary key fob following these steps:

hard rest the unit with the red light / data-link method

re-flash 64.06

from the "PRO" setting screen I manually set the options I need (A1-11 ON, H2 ON, etc) and the saved them to the unit

I then began the programming procedure starting with hooking up the R-Link and making sure to close/open the door before beginning, then using felt tape to secure the fob to the transponder

after completing the inital programming was complete I was then able to run the DCcrypter software to program the new key bypass to the unit and install.

after testing and verifying that eveything functions as it should I then programmed my RF-Kit fobs.


Somethings I will note for any future struggling persons, the instructions for wiring the TB-VW aren't very clear in the guide I used about needing to cut the transponder brown wire in two then wired to both the green and the green/black to their respective sides, it at first appears that the other side isn't used.

Save yourself the headache and solder all your connections, I tried to vampire taps the first go around and ended up re-doing all of them.

Also, about the two lights that started this all. I saw a list of five or so vw firmware specific error codes that someone had posted deep in the Q&A section and indeed cabus errors was code number 2 x2 red flash. I will post it here if I can find it but it would have been nice to know without having to hunt outside of the guide.
répondu Oct 14, 2020 par Jefferson Mosman (180 points)
VW/Audi that use 75.XX firmware (non-RLink programmer)
  • 2x Red LED Flash = CAN2 not connected properly
  • 3x Red LED Flash = Unknown vehicle , cluster unknown, check CAN2 If bcm is not original or has been modded, consider a keywrap.
  • 4x Red LED Flash = TB-VW not connected, or not connected properly
  • 5x Red LED Flash = Dcryptor 1 did not work (for vehicles that require 2 Dcryptors')
  • 6x Red LED Flash = Unknown vehicle, cluster unknown, check CAN2. If bcm is not original or has been modded, consider a keywrap.   

VW/Audi using 64.XX / 65.XX (with R-Link programmer)
  • Red LED toggle 1sec On/Off = no communication with RLink or it's connection or key placement. If the vehicle is PTS, DO NOT leave the key tapped on the ring. Also if PTS, take battery out of the remote. On all vehicles, be sure to use PIN 2 of the transponder connector, do not go by color.
  • 2x red LED flash = Connection problem with CAN2
  • 3x red LED flash = Not able to access cluster information. If bcm is not original or has been modded, consider a keywrap. Call tech support.
  • 5x red LED flash = Cluster is on protection function, Keep ING ON and wait 15 minutes