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2010 Kia Rondo Remote Evo One will not power on

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2010 Kia Rondo Standard Key start Evo One, Firmware updated to 76.58 T-Harness THAR-ONE-KHY1 Rermote RF642W, All wiring confirmed correct per Instalation Guide 60981 Rev 20171108, Module confirmed to be programed correctly with Rapidly flashing Yellow LED.  All door locks operate correct, they lock and unlock with remote. WhenRemote start sequence is intiated with remote the doos lock but no blue yellow or red light will turn on.Accessories and ignition will not activate and the engine does not crank. The blue light on the antenna flashes rapidly and there is a red light visable behind the Auto trans wire loop which is cut for automatic trans mode. The park lights only flash when locking and unlocking the doors. The hood switch is confirmed to only be grounded with the hood open and not grounded when hood is closed.
posté Oct 6, 2020 dans la catégorie Kia par Gdrover (400 points)

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If the red light underneath the yellow loop is on solid, it is in valet mode. To enter or exit valet mode you do the following:

1- Ignition on

2- press the valet switch 3x

3- ignition off.


When the light turns off you will know you have exited valet mode.
répondu Oct 6, 2020 par derek ! (276,840 points)
I have confirmed that the Valet mode is off and No Red light at yellow loop. When remote is activated for start no lights turn on. After aprox 45 seconds the doors lock and the red light at the loop and blue light on antenna pulses rapidly for aprox 60 seconds then changes to a slow pulse. When the remote is actvated for shut down the red light at loop and the antenna light pulses rapidly. if doors are unlocked with remote at this time they relock on their own after aprox 45 sec.  The only way that i can get the red light at loop to go off is by putting the module in valet mode and then turning valet mode back off. Then all lights go off again

Additional information is that when valet mode is turned off and red light at loop and antenna light is off if you press the lock or unlock on the remote the lights start flashing and continues flashing indefinatly
whats the service number of the module?


Sound like the module was setup for ALARM ONLY

The rapid flashing is the module arming itself.

Module is currently setup for alarm only.

turn on either

  • 14.1 - Remote Starter Only or
  • 14.2 - Remote Starter and Alarm


Option 15.2 being enabled is why its relocking the doors after 30s of unlocking the car. If unlock is pressed, but a door is not opened, the module will relock the doors. If you dont want this feature, turn option 15.1 back on. 


For option 15 and also the alarm portion to work correctly, you will need wire the door triggers to the evo as it's not covered on CAN-BUS.


Problen is Resolved.All works OK now

Thanks for your help

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