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evo-one stand alone installation

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I installed the Evo-One (standalone) on the outlander sport today. Was it necessary to flash and bypass and remote start, or is it just the remote start?
posté Oct 2, 2020 dans la catégorie Mitsubishi par G M (5,850 points)
modifié Oct 2, 2020 par G M

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The bypass side is the vehicle specific firmware for the unit to actually learn the immobilizer and CAN-BUS. So it's absolutely required.


If an update is available for the remote starter portion, might as well update it. These updates sometimes include timing adjustements for certain vehicles and/or the addition of new RS options.
répondu Oct 2, 2020 par Robb (262,210 points)
élue Oct 2, 2020 par G M
Thanks for the answer. Yes, I left the time just like that, 15 minutes ... And what is the difference between standard installation and wire-to-wire?
most of those selections, is really only to show you the proper guide.


The make/model/year is for proper firmware and sometimes recommending certain options via the 'load suggested options" button.


The rest of the selections, plus make/model/year, is to show the proper installation guide.