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2019 Honda Ridgeline with Take Over

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First let me say, great product, easy install.  I have the EVO-ONE in all my vehicles.

I removed my EVO-ONE w/ Linkr LT2 from my 2014 Civic (Standard-Key) and would like to install it in my 2019 Ridgeline.  According to the instruction, I need a EVO-ONE manufactured after 2019 and a THAR-ONE-HON8.

My EVO-ONE has a stamp date of 05/2019 - will that work?

When will the THAR-ONE-HON8 be available?

Although the Ridgeline already has a RS, I want to use the EVO-ONE with the Linkr LT2. Plus I plan on adding a proximity sensor to protect the contents at the back truck bed.

Thanks in advance.
fermer avec la note: It works.... just press the start button to "take over"
posté Sept 9, 2020 dans la catégorie Honda par Rizallion Cloma (240 points)
fermé Mar 13, 2021 par Rizallion Cloma

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What is the S/N to your module? (located on the back of the evo-one). I will see if the firmware supporting take over is available for your unit.


The Hon8 was just released this week, so it is currently being shipped out to distributors and re sellers.
répondu Sept 9, 2020 par derek (270,070 points)
Derek... is there an email address I can send you that information?
Hello.  I finally got the THAR-ONE-HON8 harness.  

Question, I cannot see or find the steering lock module as shown in the instruction.  Would you be able to assist?  Will the take-over still work with out this being connected.

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